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Mass Communications

Communications and journalism courses are perhaps the most practical and beneficial classes a student will ever take. The National Association of Colleges and Employers stresses that out of all the fundamental skills that recruiters seek in job candidates, at the top of the list was communication — oral and written.

Students learn to gather, write, and edit accurate news and information. Emphasis is placed on both small group and individual presentations, skills learned in these courses will empower students to be successful in other college course work, and in their personal lives.

The Mass Communications program combines classroom experiences and hands-on involvement, including the chance to contribute to a bi-weekly newscast and The Cowley Press student newspaper and its corresponding online edition at

The curriculum includes courses in photography, broadcasting, news reporting and public relations, as well as opportunities for training in advertising and multimedia presentations for the web. Students who have selected a transfer college should consult the catalog of that school and an academic advisor for that college's requirements.

In Cowley's mass communications curriculum, incoming freshmen can immediately contribute to student broadcasts and publications, and all staff members have access to the production labs and broadcast facilities.

Mass Communications students at Cowley have the flexibility to incorporate into their program the types of work they are interested in, while learning the basic fundamentals needed to prepare them for a four-year college/university or employment. Students interested in public relations have the opportunity to work on marketing projects for local businesses to gain practical experience in this arena.  

Additional training is available through the internship program which allows students to work for area news agencies while receiving academic credit.

In addition, these skills will help make students more marketable in the work force. A communication component is required for all AA and AS degrees, and courses easily transfer to other universities and colleges.

The Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in mass communications from Cowley offers an introduction to various types of media. Broadcasting, marketing, and public relations all provide different opportunities in the field of communications for the students to get practical, hands-on experience.

Program Options
The Mass Communications degree allows the student to examine many variations in the form of electives. Students have 23 hours of electives to fulfill and can choose from a variety of fields such as broadcasting, public relations, marketing, and journalism.

Transfer Options
The Associate of Arts degree earned at Cowley provides a sound academic base for further study at a four-year school. With the completion of the general education requirements at Cowley, students can specialize in their chosen area when they transfer to a four-year college or university.

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