Humanities and Communication Department

Cowley College Humanities and Communication Department is committed to meeting the academic needs as well as enriching individuals in language arts, mass communications, and journalism. The Humanities and Communication programs prepare students who transfer to institutions of higher education. They also fulfill the requirements for those who enter the workforce following their education at this institution by providing students with core curriculum and high quality programs.

Contact Information

Office: Brown Center, Humanities Office #120
Phone: 620.441.5252


Humanities programs are taught at the Ark City campus, the Mulvane Center,
and through Cowley College Online.

Faculty & Staff

Marlys Cervantes
Ryan Doom
Kirsten Dos Santos
Robin Graves
Julie Kratt
Deborah Layton
Amy McWhirt
Meg Smith
Part-Time Instructors
  • Marlys Cervantes

    Marlys CervantesHumanities and Communication Department Chairperson
    Director of Creative Writing
    Instructor: Creative Writing, Poetry, Journal Writing/Storytelling, Introduction to Literature, American Literature, and Native American Literature

    1. BA — English, Oklahoma State University
    2. MA — English (Native America Literature), Oklahoma State University
    3. Co-Director, Multi-Cultural Scholars Program
    4. Co-Advisor, Mile Marker Review
    5. Sponsor, Creative Claws
    6. Teacher Consultant, OSUWP/National Writing Project
    7. Kansas Voices 2016, 2017
    8. Judge, Kansas Authors Club 2007, 2009, 2010
    9. Judge, National Council for Teachers of English’s contest for high school literary magazine 2017
    10. Grant Recipient, Native Americans in the Midwest: Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges 2013-2015
    11. NISOD Master Teacher Award
    12. NISOD Master Presenter 2001, 2002, 2006, 2010
    13. Has presented at NISOD, NADE, OCTE, OSUWP, and at PC/AC and SWPCA culture conferences
    14. Popular Culture Association
    15. Tiger Booster of the Year 2004
    16. Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence 2005-2006
    17. Commencement Speaker 2007, Cowley College

    Arkansas City Campus
    Office: Brown Center, Humanities Office #128
    Phone: 620.441.5560

  • Ryan Doom

    Ryan DoomHumanities Instructor: English, Composition, Fiction Writing, Screenwriting, and Intro to Cinema

    1. BA — Wichita State University — Communication (Journalism)
    2. MFA — Wichita State University — Creative Writing
    3. Advisor, Mile Marker Review
    4. Has presented at the PC/AC and SWPCA conferences
    5. Freelance journalist
    6. Published in Mikrokosmos (2008 issue, Vol. 54) One short story entitled “European Mount” plus two photos, including the cover
    7. Winner of the Carol and Elton Holman Screenwriting Award
    8. Film critic for
    9. Published book of film analysis, The Brothers Coen: Unique Characters of Violence

    Mulvane Center
    Office: Mulvane Center, Room #105
    Phone: 316.777.3051

  • Kirsten Dos Santos

    Kirsten Dos SantosHumanities Instructor: English and Composition

    1. BA — English Literature, Southwestern College
    2. MEd — Curriculum and Instruction, Southwestern College
    3. Pi Gamma Mu member: International Honor Society in Social Sciences
    4. Presented at the Southwest PCA/ACA Conference
    5. Presented at Great Plains Conference on Acceleration

    Arkansas City Campus
    Office: Brown Center, Humanities Office #127
    Phone: 620.441.5321

  • Robin Graves

    Robin GravesAcademic Department Specialist, Humanities and Communication

    1. AAS, Cowley College
    2. BS, Mississippi College
    3. Additional course work at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southwestern College

    Arkansas City Campus
    Office: Brown Center, Humanities Office #120
    Phone: 620.441.5252

  • Julie Kratt

    Julie KrattHumanities Instructor: Supplemental Seminar, Composition, Public Speaking, and Interpersonal Communications

    1. BA, Evangel College
    2. MEd, Southwestern College
    3. Who's Who Among America’s Teachers
    4. NISOD Master Teacher Award 1998
    5. Presenter: SIDLIT, iTrac, GPCA, and NADE
    6. Roundtable leader at Heartland CRLA Conference
    7. Chair, Reading/Writing Subgroup of KBOR Developmental Education Working Group
    8. Advisory Board Member, Building Writing Skills the Hands-On Way
    9. Contributor, Norton Field Guide Coursepack
    10. Member National Association for Developmental Education
    11. Lead Instructor Supplemental Seminar and Comp I

    Arkansas City Campus
    Office: Brown Center, Humanities Office #124
    Phone: 620.441.5385

  • Deborah Layton

    Deborah LaytonHumanities Instructor: Composition, Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication

    1. BA — Theatre, Oklahoma State University
    2. MS — Teaching Learning and Leadership, Oklahoma State University
    3. District Teacher of the Year, Blackwell Public Schools 2011
    4. Cowley Education Association President and Faculty Liaison 2018-2020
    5. AQIP Action Project team member on Global Learning
    6. Phi Theta Kappa Advisor
    7. Lead Instructor for Composition II and Communications
    8. Endowed Chair 2016-2018
    9. Strategic Leadership Team for Shared Governance Initiative
    10. Cowley Education Association member
    11. Paul Stirnaman Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence 2017-2018

    Arkansas City Campus
    Office: Brown Center, Humanities Office #125
    Phone: 620.441.5325

  • Amy McWhirt

    Amy McWhirtHumanities Instructor: TESOL, English, and Spanish

    1. BA - History/Spanish, Southwestern College
    2. MEd - Southwestern College
    3. MA TESOL Emporia State University
    4. Recipient National Security Exchange Program Grant to study in Mexico
    5. Presenter NISOD and NADE, Great Plains Conference on Acceleration
    6. Endowed Chair, 2010-2012
    7. NISOD Excellence Award, 2011
    8. Co-directs the Multi-Cultural Scholars Mentoring Program.
    9. Paul Stirnaman Award 2013-2014
    10. SLT Team Member
    11. Cowley Education Association President 2015-2017
    12. International Student Association Faculty Sponsor

    Arkansas City Campus
    Office: Brown Center, Humanities Office #126
    Phone: 620.441.5397

  • Meg Smith

    Meg SmithDirector of Mass Communications, Adviser Cowley College Media (The Cowley Press and CCN broadcast), Sponsor of Media Club, Humanities Instructor

    1. BA — Liberal Studies, University of Washington
    2. MM — Educational Technology, Pepperdine University
    3. Association of Collegiate Press member
    4. Media Club sponsor

    Arkansas City Campus
    Office: Brown Center, Humanities Office #123
    Phone: 620.441.5287

  • Part-time Instructors

    Cowley College uses part-time instructors that contribute diverse expertise to the learning experience.

    Click here for the credentials of our Part-Time Instructors.