Career & Technical Education

Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics)

Manufacturing Tech Course Descriptions

MEC 3400 – Introduction to Mechatronics (3)
At the completion of the course, the student will be able to comprehend, apply, and evaluate information while demonstrating technical proficiency in all skills and behaviors necessary to run basic machines and equipment in a safe manner. Students will also demonstrate a basic knowledge of mechatronics and its applications to industries.

MEC 3480 – Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3)
The student will set up a batch processing line controlled by computers.  This course incorporates programming, interfacing, and troubleshooting of automated systems.  The student will also design and produce a product using rapid prototyping.

MEC 3481 – Digital Electronics (3)
The student will analyze, construct, test, and interface fundamental digital circuits including logic gates, combinational logic circuits, flip-flops, counters, encoders and decoders, shift registers, arithmetic circuits, digital to analog conversions, and analog to digital conversions.  The student will also demonstrate knowledge of numbering systems and integrated circuit specifications.

MEC 3482 – Electromechanical Devices (3)
The student will demonstrate maintenance and troubleshooting procedures on various types of electrical motors and electromechanical systems.

MEC 3483 – Fluid Power (3)
This course is an introduction to pressurized hydraulic components in power delivery and positioning systems.  Students will use hydraulic pumps and motors and make hydraulic connections, measurements, and calculations to determine appropriate system components.

MEC 3484 – Industrial Electricity (3)
The student will learn and apply the fundamentals of industrial electricity such as motor phasing, conductor sizing, single & three-phase power, conduit bending, and the use of ladder diagrams and test equipment to meet acceptable codes and industry standards.

MEC 3485 – Industrial Electronics (3)
The student will demonstrate knowledge of basic industrial electronic principles and devices by solving problems and constructing lab experiments in subjects such as resistive circuits, Ohm's law and power, series and parallel circuits, DC and AC circuits, solid state circuits and devices, and operational amplifiers.  Electronics test equipment will be used in the laboratory experiments to explore different electronic circuits and devices.

MEC 3487 – Instrumentation & Control (3)
The student will learn terminology and demonstrate system operations by proper measurement and control techniques of flow, pressure, and temperature and level control within the system.

MEC 3488 – Manufacturing Processes & Systems (3)
The students will obtain knowledge of structures, characteristics, production, and fields, of application of metallic, organic, and inorganic non-metallic materials.  Economic efficiency and environmental compatibility in manufacturing setting will be stressed.

MEC 3489 – Mechanical Systems (3)
The student will demonstrate the ability to install, adjust, align, and troubleshoot mechanical systems that include belts, bearings, roller chain drives, gear drives, couplings, clutches and brakes, and conveyors.

MEC 3490 – Microprocessor Instrumentation (3)
The student will demonstrate knowledge of microprocessor based microcontroller applications including input/output interfacing techniques, digital to analog conversions, analog to digital conversions, and basic sensor signal conditioning as used in industry.

MEC 3491 – Pneumatics (3)
Students will learn the principals of power delivery and positioning systems in pneumatics, as well as limitations and application of control valves, actuators, solenoids, and pneumatic motors as they apply in an industrial setting.

MEC 3492 – Programmable Logic Controllers (3)
The student will program a PLC interfacing it with three or more components in a system.  Students will troubleshoot an automated system locating faults in programming and programming errors.

MEC 3493 – Quality Control & Cost Management (3)
Students will learn effective quality control issues including reliability of systems, quality assurance, and management in operation systems, and documentation.  Students will also be introduced to cost management concepts.

MEC 3494 – Robotics (3)
The student will develop programs to control servo and non-servo robots as well as continuous path servo robots, to interface robots into an automated system, and to maintain the operation of multi-task robotic systems within operating parameters.