Manufacturing Technology

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Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics)

Program Overview

Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics) is the combination of many disciplines. Computer Programming, Electronics, Programmable Logic Controllers, and Robotics are key fields, with specific skills including: panel wiring, machine set-up/trouble shooting, and quality control.

Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics) is the first program in the state to address the demand for specialized technicians. Cowley College continues to address current and future demands, by continually building relationships with industry leaders. Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics) teaches the design, building, and maintaining of equipment that combines electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and computer control systems.

Technicians are well paid to set up and maintain robotic equipment, automated manufacturing equipment, treatment plant equipment, programmable logic controllers, and any hybrid production or test equipment. These specialized technicians will meet a current and future need for local, area-wide, and global manufacture needs.

Class Schedule

In addition to technical classes, one related course (Technical Mathematics) is also required for all students as well as 18 specified general education credits.

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The Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics) program will support the mission of Cowley College and the Career and Technical Education Department. Employers and students will be served by providing relevant skills and theoretical knowledge of manufacturing systems and processes. The Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics) program offers customized classes as well as a certificate program and an Associate of Applied Science in Manufacturing Technology.


To become a premier provider of manufacturing technology education in the region and prepare students for successful careers in manufacturing related occupations.