Career & Technical Education

October 17, 2012

Wheelchair Accessory

wheelchair Cowley College welding students, Adam Leach and Kerry Love, recently built an accessory for Cody Tracy, who is an extremely active quadriplegic. He grew up on a farm and lives in Rose Hill, KS. Cody became paralyzed about five years ago from a 4-wheeler accident, which has not slowed him down. He has special equipment on his vehicle so he can drive, and he also has it on another 4-wheeler, which he drives.

The special wheel chair in the picture allows Cody to go hunting with a cross bow, or anywhere else he so chooses. He said he has never been stuck in it.

Leach and Love volunteered to fabricate the project when they heard of Cody’s condition. They recognized that Cody was not much older than they were, and wanted to do something to help make him more independent. The square tubing uprights hold cedar trees which are held in by sliding the tree trunk down into the square tubing. Leach and Love devised a system to lock in the trees. They spent about 12 hours on the project, and had a few additional jobs to perform, once the wheel chair arrived here, for fitting and attaching.

Cody and Tom Berding actually designed the project which allows Cody to be more independent and completely camouflaged while out on his adventures.

Pictured, from left, Cody Tracy, Kerry Love, and Adam Leach.