Natural Science & Mathematics

Faculty & Staff

  • Dr. Michelle Schoon

    Dr. Michelle SchoonNatural Science Department Chairperson
    and Life Sciences Instructor

    1. BS - Bethany College, Biology Education
    2. MA - Curriculum and Instruction, Wichita State University
    3. Educational Doctorate from Southwestern College
    4. Awards: Stirnaman Award for Teaching Excellence (2005-2006); Who's Who's Among American College Instructors(2001,2002,2004,2007); Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence (2000-2001); NISOD master teacher award (1996)
    5. Organizations - NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers); KABT (Kansas Association of Biology Teachers); CEA (Cowley Education Association); NEA (National Education Association);KNEA (Kansas National Education Association)
    6. Experience: Seven years High School teaching experience; College Experience-Biology, Zoology, Botany, Anatomy & Physiology
    7. Interests: Sports, Gardening, Church and family

      Office: GJ303B
      Phone: (620) 441-5204
  • Uwe Conrad

    Conrad UweMathematics Lead Instructor (Mulvane Center)

    1. BA - Middle Tennessee State University
    2. MST - Middle Tennessee State University
    3. 2004 NISOD Teaching Excellence Award Recipient
    4. 2005-2007, President of the KAMATYC (Kansas Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges)
    5. Co-Sponsor Mu Alpha Sigma Chi (Mulvane Center)

      Office: Mulvane Center, Mulvane
      Phone: (316)777-3058
  • Steve Cooper

    Steve CooperMathematics Instructor

    1. BS in Computer Science, University of Kansas
    2. GCP (Graduation Certification Program) Math Education, University of Kansas
    3. Master of Science, Mathematics, Emporia State University
    4. Member NEA/KNEA/CEA

      Office: GJ 303H
      Phone: (620) 441-5215
  • Casper Fredsgaard

    Casper FredsgaardBiology Instructor

    Casper Fredsgaard has been an instructor of Biology for Cowley College since Fall 2019.

    1. B.S. in Biological Science from Wichita State University
    2. M.S. in Biological Science From Wichita State University

      Office: Mulvane Campus
      Phone: (316) 777-3095
  • David Hays

    David HaysMathematics, Computer Science Instructor

    1. Bachelors of Science in Mathematics/Computer Science (Double Major) from Pittsburg State University
    2. Masters in Education - Curriculum and Instruction from Southwestern College
    3. Co-Sponsor Mu Alpha Sigma Chi (Mulvane Center)

      Office: Sumner Campus, Wellington KS
      Phone: 620.441.6559
  • Braidon Hughes

    Braidon HughesPhysics Instructor

    1. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering – University of Arkansas
    2. M.S. in Mechanical Engineering – University of Arkansas

      Office: Galle-Johnson 303E
      Phone: 620.441.5329
  • Brooke Istas

    Brooke IstasMathematics Instructor

    1. A.S. in Engineering from Cowley College
    2. B.S. Honors in Mathematics and a minor in Physics from Southwestern College
    3. M.S. in Leadership from Southwestern College
    4. Over 21 graduate hours in Mathematics from Emporia State University, Kansas State University and Southern Methodist University
    5. M.S. in Adult and Continuing Education from Kansas State University
    6. Working on Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at Southern Methodist University at Kansas State University


    1. Adult Numeracy Network (ANN)
    2. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
    3. Mathematics Association of America (MAA)
    4. Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics (KATM)
    5. American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC)
    6. Kansas Mathematical Association of Two Year College (KAMATYC)
    7. Kappa Mu Epsilon (National Mathematics Honor Society)
    8. Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE)
    9. Mu Alpha Theta (National Mathematics Honor Society of Two-Year Colleges

      Office: Galle-Johnson 303A
      Phone: 620.441.5596

  • Kit Kirby

    Academic Department Specialist

    1. Office: Galle-Johnson, Room 303
      Phone: 620.441.5297
  • Dr. Chad Killblane

    Chad KillblaneChemistry Instructor (Mulvane Center)

    1. B.S. in Biochemistry from Southwestern College, Winfield, KS
    2. PhD - in Chemistry from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln
    3. Awards and Certifications - Search for lowest energy nonclassical Fullerenes III: C22, Killblane, Gao, Shao, Zeng JPC A 2009, 113 (31): 8839-8844. Theoretical optical absorption and photoelectron spectra of small endohedral gold clusters. Journal of computational and Theoretical Nano Science, Volume 6, Number Z February 2009, pp359-363 (5). Structures and stabilities of small Silicon cluster. High-Level A initio calculations of Sib; Gao, Killblane, Zeng, computing letters, Volume 1 Number 4, 2005, pp 343-347 (5)
    4. Professional Organizations: ACS, KNEA
    5. Experience: Performed research and built a Cluster computer at the University of Okayama, Okayama Japan.

      Office: Mulvane Center
      Phone: (316) 777-3091
  • Dr. Scott Layton

    Scott LaytonDepartment Chair, Natural Sciences Instructor

    1. PhD - Environmental Science, Oklahoma State University
    2. MS - Curriculum and Instruction, Oklahoma State University
    3. BS - Science Education, Oklahoma State University


    1. “Engaging Undergraduates in the Scientific Process: Exploring Invertebrate Endocrine Disruption” The American Biology Teacher, May 2016

    Awards and Certifications:

    1. Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence 2008-2010,
    2. Stirnaman Award for Teaching Excellence, 2007-08,
    3. NSF - Summer Institutes for Chemistry, Biology, and RNA Interference
    4. Certifications in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, Anatomy and Physiology

    Professional Organizations:

    1. Cowley Education Association (CEA),
    2. National education Association (NEA),
    3. Kansas National Education Association (KNEA),
    4. American Society of Microbiologists (ASM),
    5. National Association of Biology teachers (NABT)

    Professional Experience:

    1. Experience - 9 years, Stillwater Public Schools; 1 year, Newkirk Public Schools, Cowley County Community College 2002-present
    2. Phi Theta Kappa Co-Sponsor

      Office: GJ 303D
      Phone: (620) 441-5331
  • Dr. Michelle Lett

    Michelle LettLife Sciences Instructor

    1. B.S. in Biology from Washburn University
    2. M.S. in Biology from Kansas State University
    3. DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from Kansas State University


    1. Lett, M.S. and A.K. Knapp. 2005. Woody plant encroachment and removal in mesic grassland: production and composition responses of herbaceous vegetation. American Midland Naturalist 153: 217-231.
    2. Lett, M.S., A.K. Knapp, J.M. Briggs, and J. M. Blair. 2004. Influence of shrub encroachment on aboveground net primary productivity and carbon and nitrogen pools in a mesic grassland. Canadian Journal of Botany 82:1363-1370.
    3. Lett, M.S. and A.K. Knapp. 2003. Consequences of shrub expansion in mesic grassland: resource alterations and graminoid responses. Journal of Vegetation Science 14: 487-496.

    Organizations & Memberships:

    1. AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)
    2. CEA (Cowley Education Association)
    3. KNEA (Kansas National Education Association)
    4. NEA (National Education Association)

      Office: GJ 303J
      Phone: (620) 441-5562
  • Greg Mink

    Greg MinkMathematics Instructor

    1. B.S. in Applied Mathematics – Michigan Technological University
    2. M.S. in Industrial and Applied Mathematics – Oakland University

    Publications and Affiliations:

    1. Influence of raltegravir intensification on viral load and 2-LTR dynamics in HIV patients on suppressive antiretroviral therapy : Xia Wang, Gregory Mink, Daniel Lin, Xinyu Song, Libin Rong
    2. 2017 - 2020 : MichMATYC

      Office: Galle-Johnson 303G
      Phone: 620.441.5296
  • April Nittler

    April NitlerDevelopmental Mathematics Instructor

    1. M.Ed. - Curriculum and Instruction from Wichita State University
    2. BS - Health, Physical Education & Safety with Minor in Mathematic, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
    3. Memberships - CEA
    4. Participated in the PRAIRY Project (1999-2002)
    5. Nine years High School teaching experience; College Experience - Pre Algebra, Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra

      Office: GJ 303G
      Phone: (620) 441-5208
  • Pamela Smith

    Pamela SmithChemistry Instructor

    1. AS - Cowley County Community College
    2. BS - Biochemistry, Wichita State University, Summa Cum Laude
    3. 4 Year Doctoral Studies/Doctoral Fellowship, Chemistry Department Wichita State University in Protein Chemistry
    4. 4 year graduate teaching assistant at Wichita State University


    1. Paul Stirnaman Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence 2006;
    2. Cowley College Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence and Student Learning
    3. 2004-2006; National Science foundation and National Computational Science Institute Grant Recipient 2003-2006;
    4. U.S. Department of Education Technology Innovation Challenge Grant Participant - PRAIRY Cadre I 1999-2002
    5. NISOD Master Teacher 1999;
    6. Who's Who Among American college Instructors 1998;
    7. American Chemical Society Outstanding Undergraduate Chemist 1991
    8. Laboratory Safety Institute Certificate


    1. Two Year College Chemistry Consortium member
    2. Member of the American Chemical Society
    3. Cowley College Education Association
    4. NEA & KNEA
    5. 1992 Research Fellow, Frank J. Seiler Research Lab, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

      Office: Galle Johnson 303 # 6, Arkansas City Campus
      Phone: 620.441.5203
  • Dr. Humphrey Wamocha

    Dr. Humphrey WamochaMathematics & Physics Instructor

    1. B.S. - Education - Egerton University, Kenya
    2. M.S. - Physics - Wichita State University
    3. Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering - Wichita State University
    1. Awards - Good Apple award 2008 (Wichita Public Schools)
    2. Certifications - Mathematics and Physics
    3. Publications: Journal of Biomaterials, "Cytotoxicity of release products from magnetic nano composites in targeted drug delivery."
    4. Math instructor at Metro Meridian High School from 2006-2010, prior to coming to Cowley College in 2011.
    5. Lecturer, Physics Department, Wichita State University, 2010-2011
    6. Co-Sponsor Mu Alpha Sigma Chi (Ark City Campus)

      Mulvane Center
      Office: Mulvane Center, Room 008
      Phone: 316.777.3059
  • Adolpho Ybarra

    Dr. Humphrey WamochaMathematics Instructor

    1. Associate of Science, 2005, Cowley College
    2. Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics, 2010, University of Central Oklahoma
    3. Master of Arts in Teaching, 2013, Southwestern College

      Office: GJ 303I
      Arkansas City Campus
      Phone: 620.441.5330