Social Science

Faculty & Staff

Todd Shepherd Rikki Hettenbach Meredith Mahoney Holly Peters
Frank Arnold Robyn Hill Krystle Nies Part-Time Instructors
James Fry      
  • Todd Shepherd

    Todd ShepherdDepartment Chairman

    Macroeconomics, Microeconomics Instructor
    Arkansas City Campus

    1. Other Classes taught
      Beginning Algebra
    2. Intermediate Algebra
    3. Introduction to Astronomy

    Education and degrees

    1. BS - Economics from the University of Missouri
    2. MA - Economics from the University of Missouri


    1. NISOD Master Teacher Award 2002
    2. Who's Who Among America's College Teachers


    1. Economics Instructor
    2. Southern Illinois at Edwardsville
    3. St Charles Community college
    4. Jefferson College

    Office: Webb-Brown #106E
    Phone: (620) 441-5310

  • Frank Arnold

    Frank ArnoldInstructor: History, Political Science

    Arkansas City Campus

    Education and degrees

    1. AS - Eastern Oklahoma College
    2. BS - East Central University
    3. MS - East Central University


    1. Newkirk High School Teacher of the Year 1999
    2. Albright's Outstanding Teaching Award 1992 - 1995 - 1999 Newkirk
    3. Who's Who Among American Teachers 2004


    1. CEA

    Office: Webb-Brown #201
    Phone: (620) 441-5388

  • James Fry

    James Fry"ACES" Referral Counselor

    Arkansas City Campus

    Education and degrees

    1. Cowley College


    1. Who's Who Among Community College Students

    Office: Webb-Brown #106D
    Phone: 620.441.5269

  • Rikki Hettenbach

    Rikki HettenbachBusiness & Social Sciences Administrative Assistant

    Arkansas City, Campus

    Office: Webb Brown Academic Center 106 - Arkansas City Campus
    Phone: 620.441.5283

  • Robyn Hill

    Robyn HillInstructor: Social Science Instructor

    Arkansas City Campus

    Office: Webb-Brown #102A
    Phone: 620.441.5229

  • Meredith Mahoney

    Meredith MahoneyInstructor: Ethics and Philosophy

    Arkansas City Campus


    1. B.A. Anthropology, English The College of William and Mary
    2. M.A. Anthropology The College of William and Mary

    Office: Webb-Brown #106F
    Phone: 620.441.5336

  • Krystle Nies

    Krystle NiesInstructor: Psychology

    Arkansas City Campus


    1. A.S. - Pre-Elementary Education Pratt Community College
    2. B.S. - Elementary Education - Cameron University
    3. M.S. - Behavioral Sciences with Emphasis in Education - Cameron University

    Office: Webb-Brown #106B
    Phone: 620.441.5309

  • Holly Peters

    Holly PetersInstructor: Sociology and Psychology

    Arkansas City Campus

    Education and Degrees

    1. MA-Sociology from Wichita State University
    2. BA – Sociology/ Minor Psychology from Wichita State University

    Professional Organizations:

    1. MSS-Midwest Sociological Society


    1. Legasus Group-Wichita KS
    2. Kansas University School of Medicine-Wichita KS
    3. Adjunct Instructor-Wichita State University

    Office: Webb-Brown #203
    Phone: 620.441.5220

  • Part-time Instructors

    Cowley College uses part-time instructors that contribute diverse expertise to the learning experience.


    Credentials for part-time instructors.