Employee Benefits

Employee HandbookEmployee Benefits for Full-time Employees of Cowley College

Sick Leave:

12 days per year (1 day per month)


Staff - 10 days until 10 years, then 15 days
Directors - 15 days
Administrators - 20 days
Faculty - 0 days


KPERS Retirement System

125 Cafeteria Plan:

(Pre-Tax Deductions)

Health insurance; dental insurance; salary protection; cancer insurance; dependent care; medical reimbursement

Optional Insurance:

Vision, Accident Insurance, Cancer insurance, Short Term Disability, Voluntary Term Life Insurance

Credit Union:


403b Plans:

Specific plans available


Minimum 19 days (faculty more)

Benefit Amount:

All full-time employees are given $640 per month on top of their salary to assist in paying for benefits.

Health & Dental:

Plan year starts September 1st. See below for specific plan information.
Mandatory To Take Health and Dental Insurance (Single)

2019-2020 MEDICAL PLAN OPTIONS (Blue Cross/Blue Shield)

Benefit High Option  Low Option HDHP and HSA
Office Visit Copay - Primary Care $30 Ded/Coins Ded
Office Visit Copay - Specialist $50 Ded/Coins Ded
Tele-Medicine Call $30 Approx. $47 Approx $47
Out-Patient Lab and X-ray 100% up to $300 per person per year,
then deductible and coinsurance
Covered Subject to Deductible
and Coinsurance
Covered Subject to
Deductible and Coinsurance
Plan Year Deductible/Coinsurance
Deductible $1,000/Person; $3,000/Family $1,500/Person; $4,500/Family $3,500/Person; $7,000/Family
Coinsurance 20%* 20%* 100%*
Out-of-Pocket Limit (Ded/Coins) $2,000/Person; $6,000/Family $2,500/Person; $7,500/Family $3,500/Person; $7,000/Family
Maximum out of pocket limit (incl. Ded, Coins, OVC and Rx)
Per Person $6,350 $6,350 $3,500
Per Family $12,700 $12,700 $7,000
Emergency Room $100 copay then ded/coins
(waived if admitted)
$100 copay then ded/coins
(waived if admitted)
Deductible and
Approved HCA Preventative Care 100% 100% 100%
Lifetime Maximum Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Eligible Children Covered to age 26 Covered to age 26 Covered to age 26
Generics $20 or 30% of the generic to $200 Subject to ded/coins Subject to ded
Formulary $40 or 30% of formulary drug up to $200
Name Brand Non Formulary $60 or 30% of non-formulary drug up to $200
Specialty Drug 30% up to $1,000 (copay asst may be available)
Mail Order $50/$90/$150 or 30% of brand drugs up to $500
Monthly Employee Cost:
Employee    $565.08 $506.88 $457.15
Emp/Child(ren) $649.84 $583.16 $525.53
Emp/Spouse $723.31 $648.71 $584.86
Family   $779.81 $699.57 $630.63

Monthly Employee Cost AFTER College Contribution of $640

Employee    ($74.92) ($133.12) ($182.85)
Emp/Child(ren) $9.84 ($56.84) ($114.47)
Emp/Spouse $83.31 $8.71 ($55.14)
Family   $139.81 $59.57 ($9.37)
Dental (Delta Dental)
Employee Only $38.05
Emp/Child(ren) $68.49
Emp/Spouse $70.40
Family $79.91
*At non-preferred providers you will be responsible for an additional 20% penalty and for the difference between what the non-preferred
provider charged and what the preferred provider would have accepted. In addition the payment will be made directly to you and you will be responsible for paying the provider.

Dental Benefits

$1,500 Maximum Benefit
$25/Individual; $75/Family Combined deductible for Primary & Major Services
Preventive – 100%
Primary & Major Services – 50% (major services subject to a 240-day waiting period for new hires)


  • Mid-America Bank can assist you with setting up your HSA account quickly, easily and for FREE!
  • The maximum allowable HSA contributions for 2020: $3,550 for Single and $7,100 for Family.
  • If you participate in the Health Savings Account, you may not contribute to the Flexible Health Care Spending Account.
  • You must be covered by a High Deductible Health Plan to have an HSA.
Vision (Vision Care Direct)
Silver Materials Only Silver Complete
Employee Only $9.34 $13.48
Employee + 1 $14.94 $21.57
Employee + Child(ren) $17.24 $24.88
Family $29.30 $42.31

BenefitsDirect — Voluntary Benefits that fit your needs!

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind, and the employee benefits provided through your employer can help you get there. At BenefitsDirect we understand that one size does not fit all – that’s why we engage multiple carriers for different products. The plans we offer are designed to fit the different lifestyles and needs of the employees at Cowley College.

Products Offered:

  • Accident Insurance - When you have a covered accident and seek treatment, this policy can provide you cash benefits that are paid directly to you and you decide the best way to spend them. After an accident, you may have expenses you’ve never thought about before. Can your finances handle them? It’s reassuring to know that an accident insurance policy can be there for you through the many stages of care, from the initial emergency treatment or hospitalization, to follow up treatments or physical therapy.
  • Cancer Insurance - No one wants to experience a cancer diagnosis, but the fact is that the risk of getting cancer is great. A supplemental cancer/specified-disease insurance policy can also help protect your income and savings from expenses that aren’t covered by your major medical coverage, including: medical expenses, specialists, experimental treatment, radiation and chemotherapy, plus more! While you can’t always predict the future, you can be prepared.
  • Short Term Disability Insurance – This insurance provides employees the opportunity to protect their income should they medically be unable to work due to pregnancy/childbirth, injury, or illness.
  • Voluntary Term Life Insurance - Term Life provides a work-based Group Life insurance plan that offers employees and their dependents a cost-effective financial safety net in their time of need. This Voluntary benefit offers a very flexible plan design and low cost to help you gain the extra protection you need to fit your personal insurance needs. 

Click here for more information of BenefitsDirect Benefits and Services.

EMPAC (Employee Assistance Program)

A free benefit for all employees and those members of their household.  EMPAC provides professional assistance, counseling, and education to help employees and their children live to the fullest. 24/7. 

Call: 1-800-234-0630

Confidential One-on-One Counseling

  • Family and Parenting
  • Life event changes
  • Marital and relationship issues
  • Addictions
  • Self-esteem concerns
  • Grief and loss
  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Work-related concerns
  • School concerns
  • Divorce recovery

Money Management

Legal Assistance

Dependent Care Referrals

  • Helping find licensed, affordable care
  • Eldercare
  • Long distance care giving
  • Referrals for appropriate care
  • Helping dependents with special needs