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Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Federal Aid Recipients

Cowley College recognizes the need to provide financial assistance to qualified students. Federal regulations require students receiving federal aid to make "satisfactory academic progress" in order to continue receiving federal aid. Progress of all students on federal aid will be measured at the end of each semester based on final grades and hours completed. The following procedures will be used to determine eligibility and the awarding of federal aid:

  1. A student's eligibility for federal financial aid will be evaluated on approved need, enrollment in a degree or a certificate program, satisfactory academic progress and availability of funds.
  2. Any student who has exceeded 95 attempted credit hours at Cowley College is not eligible to receive Title IV aid at Cowley College regardless of whether or not financial aid had been used by the student previously.
  3. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is defined as follows: The student must complete a minimum of 67% of the hours attempted with a grade point average of 1.75 or above each semester. The following cumulative GPA requirements must also be met:

    Hours Attempted

    Cumulative GPA Required





  4. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to use professional judgment in monitoring cumulative GPA's if a student has made satisfactory progress within the current semester.
  5. Students who fail to meet SAP will be placed on financial aid warning status. Federal aid warning status is defined as a semester in which the student must achieve satisfactory progress or they will then be placed on financial aid denial in the following semester.  Students who have been placed on warning status will not receive their federal aid during the warning semester until they have completed the Warning Acknowledgment Form, the Academic Plan and the Financial Literacy Quiz .
  6. Students receiving federal financial aid who do a complete withdrawal from courses or who fail all enrolled courses will be placed immediately on financial aid denial status. Denied students are not eligible for financial aid of any kind, including Federal Direct student loans.
  7. The student's warning status for federal financial aid eligibility will be automatically removed after he/she meets satisfactory academic progress during the warning semester. It is the student's responsibility to reapply for federal financial aid each year.
  8. Students on federal financial aid denial will not be eligible for further federal aid funds at Cowley College until they have successfully completed and paid for six credit hours without any financial aid.
  9. Students have the right to appeal federal financial aid denial by completing the Financial Aid Appeal form and submitting it to the Student Affairs Committee.  Committee meetings are held monthly and appeals are decided upon at that time.  Students will be notified of the committee decision in writing within five business days of the committee meeting.

If you have questions regarding this policy, you may contact the Financial Aid Office.