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2016-2017 Disbursement Dates - Disbursement dates for Stafford Loans and Pell Grants


Disbursement Process

Federal aid funds will be credited to the students’ accounts and will pay unpaid charges in the following order: tuition, fees, books, dorm and any other remaining charges. Any excess funds due to the student after the account is paid in full will be disbursed to the student in accordance with the published disbursement schedules.  Students should maintain a current mailing address through Campus Connect.


Disbursement Schedules:  Disbursement schedules for Pell Grants and Stafford Loans are provided to the student with their award letter.  They are also published on this page.

Student Loans: All student loans are processed in two disbursements. If the student is borrowing for only one semester, the loan will be disbursed in two payments within that one semester, with the second disbursement being at midterm.  If the student is borrowing for the academic year (two semesters) the loan will be disbursed in one payment each semester (Fall & Spring or Spring & Summer). Loan disbursements will be cancelled and returned to the lender for students who are not enrolled in and attending at least 6 hours at the time the disbursement comes in.

Academic Progress:  Students receiving Title IV Federal Aid funds are required to have regular attendance and satisfactory academic progress in their courses to receive federal aid.  The Financial Aid Office will check attendance and grades of all federal aid recipients prior to disbursing any refund checks each semester.  Students who are receiving failing grades in all of their courses at the time disbursements are scheduled to go out will not receive that disbursement.  It will be held until the student has proven progress and passing grades are posted in those courses. 


Second Eight-Week Courses:  Students who are enrolled in second eight-week courses along with sixteen-week courses will receive their aid disbursements according to the disbursement schedules for the full semester. If a student drops a second eight-week course(s)  before it starts (without charges) or if the second eight-week course(s) does not make due to low enrollment, the student could owe an overaward of Pell Grant funds back to the Pell Program.  The Pell Grant will be adjusted based on the number of hours for which the student is charged.  The college will then return overawarded funds to the Pell Program and the student will owe the overaward back to the college.


Students who are enrolled only in second eight-week courses will have no aid disbursed until the 100% refund period has passed for each course. This refund deadline is printed on the student’s schedule for each course.


If you have questions regarding this procedure, you may contact the Admissions Office.



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