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Financial Aid General Information

The Department of Education is no longer providing paper FAFSA Applications to colleges, libraries or secondary schools. Students must complete the FAFSA with one of the following three options:

Returning Students - Remember you must reapply for federal aid each new school year. The time to complete your renewal FAFSA is now.


Payment of tuition and fees are due by the first day of class. All federal aid files must be 100% complete by August 1st if the aid will be used as payment of tuition and fees.  If files are not complete by August 1st, students will need to make payment arrangements. This will secure enrollment while financial aid is processing. Published disbursement dates are priority for those files completed by August 1st.

Checklist for Applying for Federal Aid - Use this checklist to verify that you have completed everything for applying for Financial Aid.

Federal Aid Eligibility - Find out if you are qualified for Financial Aid by checking out the requirements for applying.

Helpful Hints - First time applying for Financial Aid? These helpful hints will help you understand and become familiar with applying and using your Financial Aid.

Most Common Myths - Think you know everything about applying for Financial Aid? Or maybe you've heard things that don't seem clear? Most Common Myths will answer these issues and make things clearer.

International Financial Aid - International students often ask about financial assistance or language instruction. Cowley cannot provide extensive financial assistance to international students because they are not eligible for state or federal aid programs. This means that the only scholarships that international students can apply for are through the Cowley College Foundation Office because these scholarships are funded through private sources.

Click here to see a list of Cowley College Foundation Scholarships.