About Cowley

Giving Back

Giving back photosCowley College cares about the people and businesses in Cowley County. With your help, we are able to offer top-notch, quality education at a significantly lower cost.

Regardless of your age, goals and dreams, take advantage of the benefits of having a community college close to your home.

As we move toward tomorrow, our vision is shaped by the needs of our students and our communities.

  • Philosophically, we are true to our core values that guarantee the integrity of our pursuit of excellence.
  • Academically, we are committed to student success. A diverse and rich environment inspires our students to achieve their career goals.
  • Financially, we are sound. With a realistic approach to growth, our disbursements and  investments ensure a balanced financial foundation.

We listen to your opinions, and we respond.

Together we can make a difference in the prosperity of Cowley County and its residents. Your opinion is important to us.

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Strategic Planning Survey

Strategic Planning SurveyWe are in the process of developing a strategic plan for the college and truly appreciate input from all of our stakeholders. Data from this survey will be evaluated and incorporated into our strategic plan. The results of this survey will assist us in making decisions in the future.

View the archives of Strategic Planning Surveys.

With your guidance, the college continues to expand our services to the communities we serve.

Many of the new programs that we implemented during the past year were influenced by your input in the Strategic Planning Survey.

Services for the Community

Just look at the services we offer our communities.

  • Senior Gold Card program that allows Cowley County citizens, 60 and over, to attend Cowley College sporting events and performances in the Robert Brown Theatre at no charge.
  • Dislocated Workers Program helps people in our community who have been laid off by giving them new skills and credentials.
  • Cooperative Education Program allows students to earn college credit while working at local businesses.
  • Business & Industry Training Center offers practical training modules tailored to the special needs of local manufacturing, professional business services, retail and beyond.
  • Speakers Bureau offers speakers to entertain and inform at local clubs, school groups, businesses, and civic organizations.
  • Educator Appreciation Program offers teachers a tuition scholarship for one 3-credit hour class.
  • 64 New Courses that enhance the learning experience of our students.
  • Physics Lab was renovated thanks to donations and ARRA funding.
  • Golden Tigers continues to provide educational opportunities that promote social, spiritual, artistic, and physical enrichment to community members.
  • The Wichita Downtown Center focuses on student enrollment at our campus/centers and student satisfaction/retention rates.

To express our appreciation of your support and to maximize a positive socioeconomic impact on our communities, we offer activities, services, and educational programs that:

  • enrich your lives
  • encourage individuals to succeed
  • enhance the economical potential of the communities of Cowley County

Cultural Events:

  • Performing Arts: enjoy excellent entertainment in theatre, music, art, speakers
  • Sporting Events: let your spirit soar at baseball, basketball, cross country & track, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball events
  • Continuing Education: expand your knowledge, update your skills and improve your quality of life
  • Golden Tigers: stay active through educational opportunities that promote social, spiritual, artistic, and physical activities to community members who are 50 years of age or over
  • Gold Card: attend Cowley College sporting events and Cowley College performances in the Robert Brown Theatre at no charge -- if you are a Cowley County resident and 65 or over

Personal Attention:

  • Dedicated faculty and staff: help each student achieve their fullest potential in their academic programs
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: over 50% of the Cowley County residents that attend our college receive financial assistance
  • Upward Bound: some high school students need help preparing for college or a vocational-technical school; we are here for them
  • IMPACT: we offer free services, such as tutoring, career counseling, transfer visits, and financial assistance, to disabled and first generation college students
  • Adult Education: we provide special assistance to adults that need a GED or basic communication and math skills


  • Retention: we help educate and retain the local workforce
  • Earnings: we contribute to the earning power of individuals
  • Jobs: we help increase regional job opportunities
  • Training: we support local businesses through Corporate Training programs
  • Services: we assist small and new business development through Entrepreneurship Services