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Get a Kansas Library Card at Renn Memorial Library

If you are interested in a Kansas Library Card, email Rhoda MacLaughlin with your fullname, date of birth, and your request to get a card. (Students - please use your Cowley student email)

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What is the Kansas Library Card?

The new Kansas Library Card is a tool for remote electronic access to high quality information and research resources.

How do I get a Kansas Library Card?

If you are a college employee or student contact Rhoda MacLaughlin, Library Director at Renn Memorial Library. If you are not a college employee/student you must apply at your local public library. The library or school may require some proof of your Kansas residency. The staff will use a computer to enter your fullname (including your middle initial) and date of birth into the Kansas Library Card database. They will write or type your PIN on the front of a Kansas Library Card, and the date of issuance on the back of the card. You will then need to sign the back of the card in the space provided. The card is then ready for you to use.

How does the Kansas Library Card Work?

The card comes with a personal identification number (PIN) written on the front. This PIN, together with the cardholder's date of birth, allows the cardholder to login to the Kansas Library Card system using any computer with Internet access.

What does the Kansas Library Card cost?

The card is a free service of the Kansas Library Network Board, the Kansas State Library, and the University of Kansas Medical Center.

When does a Kansas Library Card expire?

Each card will automatically expire in three years from the date it was issued.

How do I renew my Kansas Library Card?

Simply go to your nearest participating library or school with your proof of Kansas residency. Many participating libraries and media centers display the Kansas Library Card logo. The staff will renew your account.

More questions? Contact your librarian, or you can contact:

Eric Hansen
Executive Director
Kansas Library Network Board
300 SW 10th
Avenue, Room 343-N
Topeka, KS 66612-1593

800-432-3919 (Toll-free)
785-296-6650 (fax)