Future Students

Military Students




As a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC), Cowley College is dedicated in helping Servicemembers and their families earn their degrees. SOCAD is a system of college curriculum networks that allows colleges and universities to work together to accept each other’s courses in a particular program of study.

Tuition Assistance Process for the Army student:

  1. To qualify for Tuition Assistance, all soldiers must first visit their installations education center and create a GoArmyEd account.

  2. Once your GoArmyEd account has been created you will visit http://www.goarmyed.com to apply for your Tuition Assistance Benefit to declare your degree.

  3. Speak with the Military Education Services Representative at Cowley College to discuss classes.

  4. Request Official transcripts from your high school, GED, and/ or previous colleges that you have attended.


Transcript Information: To request your official AARTS transcript, please follow the link below.