Future Students

Military Students


Steps to enroll:

Transcript Information:

Request Official transcripts from your high school, GED, and/ or previous colleges that you have attended.

MyCAA Guidelines:

Prior to requesting MyCAA financial assistance (FA), military spouses are required to develop an Education and Training (E&T) Plan, and upload it to their MyCAA Account for approval by a MyCAA Career and Education Consultant. This package may contain several pages of information. The Military Services Coordinator will assist you with the Education and Training (E&T) Plan so the funding will be approved for benefits. Please schedule an appointment at military@cowley.edu.

Required information:

  • Correct name of school and campus location
  • School’s website URL (for plans that are copied from a school website)
  • All courses (or the block of study) for which MyCAA financial assistance will be used (include course names/titles/codes).

    NOTE: Only courses listed in the spouse’s Education & Training (E&T) plan will be approved for MyCAA funding. Be sure to list a range of possible “elective” courses that meet academic requirements. Once approved, spouses cannot add additional courses to their plan.

Acceptable Source Formats:

  • School letterhead with program of study course information, or
  • School brochure with program of study course information, or
  • School’s course catalog (pertinent pages only) that clearly identifies school name, or
  • School’s website (pertinent pages only) that clearly identifies school name (e.g. URL), or
  • School’s Student Education Plan with program of study information

Acceptable File Formats:

  • Word Document (.doc)
  • Excel Spreadsheet (.xls)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Web Archive (.mht) (Only works with Internet Explorer)

    NOTE: Once spouses have uploaded their plan into their MyCAA Account, a MyCAA Career and Education Consultant will review and approve the E&T Plan to confirm it:

  • Leads to a recognized license, certificate, certification or Associate’s degree (not in General Studies or Liberal Arts).
  • Contains coursework that will help the spouse pursue gainful employment in a Portable Career Field and Occupation.

Spouses will receive a notice in their MyCAA Account Message Box when their plan is approved. Approval can take up to 14 calendar days. Remember to request MyCAA financial assistance (FA) on a course-by-course basis after the E&T plan is approved and course start/end dates are known.

MyCAA Resources

If you have questions or comments, please contact the MyCAA School & Program Support Team at 888.256.9920 or MyCAASchools@militaryonesource.com.