Future Students

Military Students


Steps to enroll:

Transcript Information:

Request Official transcripts from your high school, GED, and/ or previous colleges that you have attended.

MyCAA Guidelines:

Prior to requesting MyCAA financial assistance (FA), military spouses are required to develop an Education and Training (E&T) Plan, and upload it to their MyCAA Account for approval by a MyCAA Career and Education Consultant. This package may contain several pages of information.

Required information:

  • Correct name of school and campus location
  • School’s website URL (for plans that are copied from a school website)
  • All courses (or the block of study) for which MyCAA financial assistance will be used (include course names/titles/codes).

    NOTE: Only courses listed in the spouse’s Education & Training (E&T) plan will be approved for MyCAA funding. Be sure to list a range of possible “elective” courses that meet academic requirements. Once approved, spouses cannot add additional courses to their plan.

Acceptable Source Formats:

  • School letterhead with program of study course information, or
  • School brochure with program of study course information, or
  • School’s course catalog (pertinent pages only) that clearly identifies school name, or
  • School’s website (pertinent pages only) that clearly identifies school name (e.g. URL), or
  • School’s Student Education Plan with program of study information

Acceptable File Formats:

  • Word Document (.doc)
  • Excel Spreadsheet (.xls)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Web Archive (.mht) (Only works with Internet Explorer)

    NOTE: Once spouses have uploaded their plan into their MyCAA Account, a MyCAA Career and Education Consultant will review and approve the E&T Plan to confirm it:

  • Leads to a recognized license, certificate, certification or Associate’s degree (not in General Studies or Liberal Arts).
  • Contains coursework that will help the spouse pursue gainful employment in a Portable Career Field and Occupation.

Spouses will receive a notice in their MyCAA Account Message Box when their plan is approved. Approval can take up to 14 calendar days. Remember to request MyCAA financial assistance (FA) on a course-by-course basis after the E&T plan is approved and course start/end dates are known.

MyCAA Resources

If you have questions or comments, please contact the MyCAA School & Program Support Team at 888.256.9920 or MyCAASchools@militaryonesource.com.

Spouse Tuition Aid Program (STAP)

The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) offers STAP to your spouse if you are an active duty servicemember stationed in an overseas (OCONUS) location. Your spouse may be a full or part-time student studying toward a vocational certificate or an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Amounts granted:

  • Undergraduate level maximum of $300 @ semester and $1500 @ year.
  • Graduate level maximum of $350 @ semester and $1750 @ year.

To request an application form and information about deadlines, contact one of the following NMCRS offices: Guam, Guantanamo Bay, London, Naples, Okinawa, Roosevelt Roads, Rota, Sigonella, or Yokosuk

Click here for more information about Spouse Tuition Aid Program.