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Future Students

Concurrent Academic Partnership for Secondary Students

What is the CAPSS program?
CAPSS (Concurrent Academic Partnership for Secondary Students) is a program that provides an opportunity for qualified high school students to take advantage of academic college courses and earn college credit prior to graduating from high school. Vocational programs follow a different set of admission guidelines.

What is the advantage of taking College courses while in high school?
Students are able to get an early start on their college career and earn college credit at an affordable price. Often it will keep students from extending their time at a more costly four-year institution. 

Can any high school student enroll in college courses?
No, there are admission guidelines that have been put into place to help promote student success and provide a positive first-time college experience. Students must be a sophomore, junior, or senior, or a student who is classified as “gifted” with a current Individual Education Plan (IEP) that indicates the student is ready for College-level coursework. In addition, minimum G.P.A. and reading levels are required for all academic courses, and English and Math courses require college-level performance on writing and math assessments.

What are the admission guidelines for the CAPSS program?
To be eligible to enroll in a general education course a student must:

  1. Be a high school sophomore, junior, or senior, or a “gifted” student.
  2. Hold a minimum high school cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 on a four-point scale.
  3. Meet minimum reading assessment guidelines. (ACT reading score of 18 or equivalent proficiency on ASSET or COMPASS assessment instruments.)
  4. Meet additional assessment requirements for Math & English courses.
  5. Complete a CAPSS enrollment form and obtain the high school principal’s signature on the appropriate line granting permission to enroll in college courses.
 Where can students take advantage of Cowley College courses?  
  1. College Campus Classes: Courses taught on a Cowley campus or outreach site by Cowley full-time or part-time instructors
  2. Distance Learning Delivery: Courses delivered via Distance Learning methods (Online, Hybrid, Interactive Video [ITV].
  3. Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (CEP) Site: Courses taught in area high schools during the school day utilizing qualified high school instructors. In order for a high school to serve as a CEP site, a Memorandum of Understanding must be established between the College and the School District.



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