FastTrack Dual Enrollment Program for High School Students

FastTrack Dual Enrollment Program for High School StudentsFastTrack at Cowley College is a dual enrollment program that provides an opportunity for eligible high school students to start earning college credit prior to graduating from high school.

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Pell Grant options for high school students taking classes at Cowley College

Free tution opportunities at Cowley College

Cowley College $50 AcceleRate FastTrack tuition rate for Kansas high school students

Cowley College $70 AcceleRate FastTrack tuition rate for Oklahoma high school students

Courses are taught at one of Cowley College’s partner schools through CAPSS (Concurrent Academic Partnerships for Secondary Students), at one of Cowley College’s locations, or through distance learning including online, online/hybrid, or interactive video (ITV).

Cowley College is dedicated to making FastTrack accessible and affordable through our low tuition rates and our participation in State and Federal programs that provide financial assistance. Learn more:

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What are the admissions criteria to be eligible to participate?

Courses can be taken at one of our Cowley College locations, online, or at one of the College’s partner schools through CAPSS. Qualifications for this program are:

  • Be a high school sophomore, junior, or senior, or a “gifted” 9th grade student.
  • Hold a minimum high school cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 on a four-point scale.
  • Meet minimum reading assessment guidelines. (ACT reading score of 18 or equivalent proficiency on COMPASS assessment instrument.)
  • Meet additional assessment requirements for Math & English courses. (21 Math ACT and 20 English ACT)
  • Complete a FastTrack Permission Form and a FastTrack Enrollment Form and obtain the required signatures on both forms granting permission to enroll in college courses.

Career & Technical Education/Vocational programs follow a different set of admission guidelines.


Are there minimum academic standards to remain eligible for continued enrollment in the FastTrack Dual Enrollment program?

Cowley students are expected to perform at an academic level to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress defined by the College. Failure to remain in Good Academic Standing could result in a student becoming ineligible to remain in the concurrent program and/or placed on Academic Probation per college policy.


What does it cost to take courses?

Students are responsible for paying the College the current rate of tuition and fees per credit hour. Rates are published in the course schedule, on the Cowley College website, or can be obtained from your high school counselor.

In addition, students are responsible to pay a security fee per semester, purchase the appropriate textbooks and supplies, and pay any special course fees associated with their courses. Cowley College offers a payment plan to students who wish to spread their payments over several months.

Learn more about the courses eligible for the $60 AcceleRATE for Kansas high school students.

Learn more about the courses eligible for the $80 AcceleRATE for Oklahoma high school students.

These fees are subject to change with approval and adoption from the Cowley College Board of Trustees


Who are the eligible CAPSS high schools?
  • Argonia High School: Argonia, KS

    Phone: (620) 435-6611

  • Arkansas City High School: Arkansas City, KS

    Phone: (620) 441-2010

  • Belle Plaine High School: Belle Plaine, KS

    Phone: (620) 488-2421

  • Caldwell High School: Caldwell, KS

    Phone: (620) 845-2585

  • Cedar Vale High School: Cedar Vale, KS

    Phone: (620) 758-2791

  • Central High School: Burden, KS

    Phone: (620) 438-2215

  • Conway Springs High School: Conway Springs, KS

    Phone: (620) 456-2963

  • Dexter High School: Dexter, KS

    Phone: (620) 876-5415

  • Mulvane High School: Mulvane, KS

    Phone: (316) 777-1183

  • Oxford High School: Oxford, KS

    Phone: (620) 455-2410

  • South Haven High School: South Haven, KS

    Phone: (620) 892-5215

  • Udall High School: Udall, KS

    Phone: (620) 782-3623

  • Wellington High School: Wellington, KS

    Phone: (620) 326-4310

  • Winfield High School: Winfield, KS

    Phone: (620) 221-5160


What is the advantage of taking College courses while in high school?

Students are able to get an early start on their college career and earn college credit at an affordable price. Often it will keep students from extending their time at a more costly four-year institution.


What courses can high school students enroll in?

Common courses offered on site through CAPSS include:

MTH 4420

College Algebra

3 credits

MTH 4423

Elem. Statistics

3 credits

MTH 4425


3 credits

COM 2711

Public Speaking

3 credits

ENG 2211

Composition I

3 credits

ENG 2212

Composition II

3 credits

PSY 6711

General Psychology

3 credits

SOC 6811

Principles of Sociology 

3 credits

The courses offered vary by location. Students should visit with the guidance counselor about available options.

Students taking courses online or at one of Cowley College’s locations, can check the course schedule for availability. Be sure to note some courses require prerequisites and have age restrictions.


Is there a limit to the number of hours a FastTrack student can take?

Students will be expected to maintain part-time student status, which means they are enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours per semester. Occasionally, an exception will apply to this rule. Students who wish to enroll in 12 or more hours in a semester are required to obtain prior approval from the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Cowley College.


Where can students take the necessary assessment tests?

Students may take the ACT on one of the National test dates scheduled on Saturdays periodically throughout the year. If students have not taken the ACT, they may take one of the assessment tests provided by Cowley College. Many area high schools offer on-site assessment opportunities provided by Cowley College. Check with your high school counselor to see if your school participates in this testing option. Students may also schedule an appointment to test at one of our Cowley Admissions locations.


Can the college credit that's earned be transferred to another institution?

Yes. Cowley College has transfer agreements with the Regents Universities in Kansas, many area private institutions, as well as other four-year institutions in surrounding states. How Cowley College courses transfer is established by the four-year institutions, which have guidelines outlining how previous college credit earned will be applied to the student's program of study. To answer specific transfer questions, it is best to check directly with the institution where the student plans to transfer or work with a Cowley academic advisor. If you have questions, feel free to contact Janice Stover at Cowley College, or via phone at 620.441.5247.


How do the college credits that have been earned through the CAPSS program get transferred to another institution?

After the course grades have been recorded on the student's official Cowley transcript, the student must complete a Transcript Request Form through the Cowley Admissions office or online. A processing fee for transcripts will apply.

Once this step is completed, a student's official transcript is sent to the designated institution where the transcript is evaluated and appropriate credit is applied to the student's academic record at that institution.


Who do I contact to get started?

In most schools, the high school counselor serves as the contact person. You may also contact Cowley Admissions at or 620.441.6335.


How do I get started?

The College must receive the following for each student before enrolling in courses:

  1. Complete an Application for Admission.
  2. Contact your high school counselor about your interest in dual enrollment.
  3. Students must:
    1. be a high school sophomore, junior, or senior, or a "gifted" 9th grade student,
    2. meet GPA and placement score guidelines to be eligible.
      1. Complete the FastTrack Permission form through your High School counselor.
      2. CTE students complete the FastTrack Permission form through your High School counselor.

        [Counselor will submit a Counselor Evaluation Form each year]

  4. Return completed forms to your High School counselor to complete the enrollment process. [Counselor will submit course requests via email and may utilize the FastTrack Enrollment form]
  5. Make payment arrangements for the costs of your courses prior to the first day of class.
  6. Attend/Complete a Concurrent High School Orientation session.