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Alumni & Friends

Welcome to our Alumni & Friends

Stay connected to the college.

We truly appreciate the support of our alumni, community, and friends.

Arts at Cowley
Events that Enrich & Entertain

When you are looking for something to do that will expand your horizons or give you the giggles, check out the cultural and fun events sponsored by the Alumni group.

Major Performances (full screen)
To give our students a well-rounded education and as a service to our community, we offer marvelous events that entertain and enlighten.

Duck Dash (full screen)
For our alumni and friends we hold an afternoon of fun.

Tiger Alumni News(full screen)
Stay connected. Read stories & send us your story.

Your Gifts at Work
Through your financial support, you make a huge difference.

Recognition Awards
We honor, promote, and recognize our alumni and friends.

Give to Your Passion
With your help we can continue to provide excellent, affordable education and to provide enrichment and entertainment to our communities.

Ways to Give
Find a way that works for you.

If everyone gives a little, it adds up to a lot.
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