A&F Newsletter

Fall 2001


College Awarded Five-Year Federal Grant

A $1.75 million grant from the federal government, recently awarded to Cowley, is expected to have a major impact strengthening the institution through faculty development, technology, and expanded student services.

Cowley was awarded a Title III grant, which will be funded during a five-year period at $350,000 per year. Only 37 total grants were awarded nationwide. Connie Bonfy, director of institutional grants and arts and humanities programming at the college, will serve as coordinator of the grant. This grant is an opportunity to spend needed time refining new systems and ideas we have been wanting to implement," Bonfy said.

The plan encompasses two basic activities: student success and institutional management. Cowley personnel will begin by researching proven practices, which may include visiting other colleges with successful Title III grants. The second step is the development stage, when equipment for technology can be purchased and curriculum and services developed. The third step will include piloting new developments, including offering direct services to students.


Fall 2001