A&F Newsletter

Summer 2001


Splish-splash I was takin' a bath . . .
Fourth Annual Great Cowley Duck Dash a 'splashing' success

Raises $12,000 for Endowed Scholarship Fund.



Good Time Productions of Arkansas City won the Duckerating contest with its mailbox duck.

All eyes are on the ducks as they make their way down the stream.

The action is fast and furious as pink, yellow, and blue ducks float toward the finish line.

A small boy is fascinated as the stream propels the ducks down the course.

Dr. Pat McAtee, Cowley president, fires up the crowd with his call of the final two races of the day: Heat winners and heat losers.

Dean of Development and College Relations Terri Morrow dumps the first batch of plastic ducks into the stream as the first of 10 heat races begins.

Board of Trustees member Ron Godsey of Winfield calls the 10 heat races.






















































Summer 2001