A&F Newsletter

Fall 2002


New Tiger Leaps onto Campus

A new tiger will join the campus this fall. A six-foot tall leaping cat will adorn the southeast entrance of Galle-Johnson Hall in October. With a fierce look in his eye, this tiger will be yet another magnificent piece of artwork around campus; however, this one is special.

After 80 years of possessing the tiger as its mascot, Cowley College will finally add the ferocious cat to its campus. This bronze statue with black stripes will exemplify the true characteristics of the traditional Cowley tiger. "We are excited because it is our first sculpture of our mascot and it is fun to commission our tiger in celebration of our 80th anniversary," said Terri Morrow, dean of development and college relations and co-coordinator of the sculpture project. The actual revealing date has not been determined, but Morrow believes the unveiling will be either the first week of October, when the tiger arrives, or on Oct. 29 during the 80th anniversary celebration.

Students and faculty can also look forward to learning how Anij Indigo, the artist, made the sculpture in a lecture the day of the unveiling. "She (Indigo) likes working with cats, all kinds, but the tiger is her favorite," Morrow said. Indigo is from Loveland, Colo., and has been working on the tiger since February when the college decided to proceed with the project.


Fall 2002