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Spring 2002


Vocal Music Director
Third Endowed Chair

Connie Donatelli, director of vocal music, was honored Jan. 15 as the third Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence and Student Learning at Cowley. Conrad Jimison, vice president of instruction, made the announcement at an inservice meeting. Jana Dobbs, director of marketing at CornerBank, presented Donatelli with a plaque.

Donatelli is the former Connie Wedel. “I’m awestruck,” Donatelli said after receiving a standing ovation from her peers. “I’m just blown away by this honor. This is unbelievable.” Donatelli will receive $1,000 for professional development and a $3,000 cash stipend to be used during the two years.

The Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence and Student Learning was established in 1998 and is sponsored by Corner Bank of Winfield and Arkansas City. Dejon Ewing, Humanities Department Chair, was the first recipient. Michelle Schoon, Natural Science Department Chair, was the second.

Donatelli first came to Cowley in 1992, left in the mid-1990s to pursue a master’s degree at Kansas State University, then came back to Cowley in July 1997. She has been active in vocal music education in Kansas for more than 21 years. Before coming to Cowley, she taught middle and high school vocal music at Holton, Remington, Circle, and Winfield unified school districts. Her groups have performed for many statewide organizations as well as being featured at several national conventions. She often is asked to judge vocal contests and has been a featured guest director for various vocal festivals throughout the state.

In 1994, Donatelli was presented a Master Teacher Award by the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development at Austin, Texas.


Spring 2002