A&F Newsletter

Fall 2003



Scholarships established with gift from estate of Craig Newman
When Craig Newman planned his estate, he provided for young people who would someday provide leadership to their families, careers and the Arkansas City community. Craig D. Newman, 54, died on Aug. 10, 2000. He was born and reared in Arkansas City and was the son of Earl G. and Jean D. Newman. Craig graduated from Arkansas City High School and Cowley County Community College. He lived and worked for a time in Colorado, including working as a vice president in a bank in Grand Junction. He returned to Arkansas City in 1993. Craig’s interests included reading and collecting books, history, environmental preservation, science and botany, among other things.

Cowley recently received a sizable gift from the estate of Craig Newman to be used exclusively for scholarships for Cowley students. These scholarships will help literally hundreds of students over the years to attain their educational and career goals. Initial scholarships will be awarded in the fall of 2004. In recent years, Craig established and/or donated to several scholarships in honor or memory of family members, including the Earl Newman Memorial Golf Scholarship and the Jean Newman Scholarship. Craig’s kind and generous spirit will be with us always.

Richard Colquhoun Scholarship
The Richard J. Colquhoun and the William R. and Kelly Olson families have established the Richard Colquhoun Scholarship, to be awarded to an Arkansas City High School student on the Cowley golf team. It is a one-time $500 scholarship.

Fall 2003