A&F Newsletter

Spring 2003


Enrollment for Spring Sets Record

Full-time enrollment for the spring semester has established another record. As of the first week of February, after the 12th day of classes, full-time equivalency was 2,942 students, a 13-percent increase over the 20th day of classes in spring 2002, when 2,604 students were enrolled.

The Southside Education Center in Wichita showed the most growth of all campus sites. Southside’s enrollment grew 26 percent from spring 2002 and was at 1,279 students as of Feb. 5.

Online enrollment also has seen significant growth from spring 2002. The number of students enrolled in online courses rose 85 percent, from 71 in spring 2002 to 131 in spring 2003. Main campus enrollment rose 7 percent from spring 2002 and was at 1,015 students.

One segment of the student population that has grown recently is the number of international students. In spring 2002 there were 118 enrolled. In fall 2002, 139 international students were enrolled. This spring, that number has increased to more than 250.


Spring 2003