A&F Newsletter

Spring 2003


Nelson Student Center Remodeled

Beginning with the 2003 fall semester, students will have their game room back. The Nelson Student Center will undergo some changes in late spring and early summer to accommodate an enlarged game room, something students have not had since The Jungle was created inside the building five years ago.


Currently, a small game room exists in the lobby of the D. Robert Storbeck Dormitory. That location has caused some confusion among students, some of whom believe the game room is for Storbeck residents only, which is not the case.

Tony Crouch, dean of business services, said plans were being finalized to remodel a portion of the building. “The STAR Center needs a permanent home, we’re going to use Title III money to gain the elevator, and a game room has long been high on the students’ wish list,” Crouch said. The Student-Teacher Academic Resource Center is the primary academic support center for the college and is located on the main floor of the Nelson Student Center where the old cafeteria used to be.

The STAR Center, which coordinates tutoring, supplemental instruction and assessment services, will be moving to the lower level of the building where the Courtright rooms are located. An elevator will be installed near the main floor restrooms, Crouch said. Total cost of the project is $225,000. Title III funds will pay for all but $55,000. That portion will come from proceeds of the sale of the college’s Derby property on Rock Road, Crouch said.

Offices for the director of activities and Student Government Association are planned for the south end of the old cafeteria. Another feature in the remodeled game room area is an Internet café that will hold up to 18 computers for students to use. Currently, there are six computers for students to use in The Jungle. When The Jungle was created, it included a snack bar. That feature never has been fully developed. But Crouch said the concession area would be enhanced to include a variety of snack items. The snack bar also will be staffed, he said.


Spring 2003