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Summer 2004


Pie Day on Campus

Humanities instructors Marlys Cervantes and Tom Mason got to taste some pie on March 15 during the Math and Science Club’s Pi Day. Literally.


Jars with Cervantes’ and Mason’s names were the big winners as faculty, staff and students dropped coins and currency in voting for who should get a pie in the face from Cowley President Dr. Pat McAtee.

Cervantes and Mason took pies in the face during a brief afternoon ceremony at the Calder Bonfy Amphitheatre on the main campus. Other Cowley employees who were Pi Day contestants were Scott MacLaughlin, Melinda Neal, Pam Smith, David Bostwick, Frank Arnold, Sue Saia, Kristi Shaw, and Todd Shepherd. Voting began a week prior to Pi Day, which actually landed on Sunday, March 14.

Votes were determined by placement of coins in the jars. Coins were positive votes. All pennies counted as one point, nickels as five points, dimes as 10 points, and quarters as 25 points. However, all paper cash was worth face value in negative points. At the end of the week, the money was tallied and the two contestants with the least negative points received a pie (in the face). A daily tally was reported to keep voters informed of the prospective winners. Greg Nichols, Math & Science Club sponsor, said he was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. “The club had initially anticipated $100 in proceeds for fundraising purposes,” Nichols said. “We were all shocked at the final outcome of just over $502.” Pi is the approximate number 3.141592654. The national club celebrates this holiday every year on March 14, hence 3-14 as the date.


Summer 2004