A&F Newsletter

Winter 2005


Addie Snyder Queen Alalah LXXIV

Addie Snyder, a sophomore from Cedar Vale, was recently crowned Queen Alalah LXXIV during the Queen’s Coronation held Oct. 28 in the Robert Brown Theatre on Cowley College’s Arkansas City campus. “Being crowned the 74th Queen Alalah is a tremendous honor to me,” Snyder said. “I was completely shocked when my name was called at the Queen’s Coronation. For the first time in my life, I was at a loss for words. The people in this community are truly one of a kind and I have been blessed to be part of such a huge community tradition.” Addie, the daughter of Damon and Jimmie Snyder., is a 2004 graduate of Cedar Vale High School and elementary education major.

Snyder, a self-proclaimed tomboy, is an involved Cowley student. Besides the clubs and organizations previously mentioned, she is co-chair of the Young Republicans, is a member of the local chapter of the National Education Association (Education Club), and is involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Cowley County. Besides her work as an RA, Snyder holds part-time jobs with the Institute of Lifetime Learning and Mangen Chiropractic Clinic in Arkansas City. She also is active in Assembly of God Church in Sedan. In choosing Cowley, Snyder said, “I am very happy, I can’t imagine where else I’d go. It’s not just a college. It is a lifestyle when you come to Cowley. I love it so much here. The dorms are great, and I have great people who live in the dorms with me. They are people I can tell anything to, and know that if I have a problem, they’ll be there for me. Plus, I’m only 30 minutes from family.”

Snyder plans to transfer to Kansas State University, complete her degree in elementary education, and teach kindergarten. “I just want to teach that grade because they’re so much fun,” she said. “I like to color and draw.” Snyder said God played the most important role in her life, and that she had always looked up to her parents. “My mom raised four kids on a farm,” Snyder said. “I’m so proud of her. I love her so much. And I admire my dad for taking care of us. Living on a farm, they taught us to work and how important things are. I do have the best parents in the world.” In her spare time, Snyder enjoys coon hunting, fishing, riding horses and playing sports. "Anything outside, I'll be there."

The thrill of being named Queen Alalah LXII remains with Shannon (Ramirez) O’Toole to this day, as the former queen from 1993 has attended every coronation since, and has served as the chairman of Cowley College’s Arkalalah Committee since 1997. Shannon and husband Jason (94) have three children, Hunter, 6, Haden, 3, and Hadley, two months. After Cowley, O’Toole received a degree in accounting from Kansas State University. She is currently the Director of the college’s bookstore. Jason also works at the college and serves as the Director of the Peaks Program.


Winter 2005