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Fall 2006


Aviation Tech Center Graduates

A total of 17 students represented the third graduating class from Cowley College’s Aviation Tech Center in Wichita, at a graduation ceremony held Aug. 12 at the training facility.The ceremonies were for graduates of the center’s A&P (Airframe and Power Plant) program.

Noel Gary, Director of Aviation Programs, gave the opening remarks. “Everything went well, we filled the place up,” Gary said. “The program has done nothing but go up, it is generating much more interest in the community and industry.”

The program opened with 40 students in 2004 and has 160 students in the program this fall. Tim Norton, Sedgwick County Commissioner, Second District, gave the commencement address. “I’m very proud of these graduates,” Norton said. “They will have a place in our community whether it is in aviation or somewhere else because this is a powerful part of the manufacturing institute.” Students who graduate from the AMT program are guaranteed a job interview from Wichita’s Cessna Aircraft Company. “They want young people out of this program in their organization,” Norton said. Pam Doyle, Cowley College Dean of Enrollment and Retention Services, gave the closing remarks.

Here is a list of graduates:
Steven J. Carpenter
Brando Dao
Matthew J. Farenbaugh
Richard S. Hale
Scott E. Jahay
Simon D. Kelderman
James A. Kemp
Kevin S. McGuire
Randall D. Rounsville
Daniel L. Rutherford
Kelsey L. Shackelford
James R. Schippers
Andre D. Stephens
James L. Walker
Steven A. Wilson
Lowell K. Weirick
Lee York


Fall 2006