A&F Newsletter

Spring 2006


2005 All-League Honor Choir

Under the direction of Cowley College Director of Vocal Music, Connie Donatelli, the Cowley Concert Choir along with the 2005 All-League Honor Choir, performed at the Stiefel Theatre in Salina. The event featured between 180-190 honor choir students from Belleville, Beloit, Ellsworth, Minneapolis, Russell, Sacred Heart, and Southeast of Saline schools.

Donatelli was asked at last year’s KMEA convention to direct the event, and is glad she did not turn down the offer. “It was a fabulous experience,” Donatelli said. “It ended up being one of the better ones I have ever done. This really exposed us recruiting wise for students who may not have known we existed.”


The Steifel Theatre is a historic building that has been refurbished to capture its original beauty. “The acoustics were gorgeous,” Donatelli said. “My choir really rose to the occasion, they were stellar.” The Cowley Concert Choir, under the direction of Donatelli, also recently performed at the new Fine Arts Center at Scott City High School at the beginning of this semester.


Spring 2006