A&F Newsletter

Spring 2006


Career in Sales and Marketing

Starting out as a music major, Pamela (Peterson) Guinn started to develop an interest in marketing while in college. The change in direction turned out to be a good one as she has turned that interest into a stellar career in sales and marketing for more than 20 years. Although she gave up thoughts on a career in music, she credits Arkansas City’s legendary music instructors August Trollman, and former Arkansas City Junior College music teacher Kenneth Judd, with helping her forge a successful career. “Those instructors taught me to be creative and to follow my passion,” Guinn said. That passion has helped Guinn become the Director of Sales and Marketing for Northwest Cable News in Tacoma, Wash., and Executive Director of Belo Marketing Solutions, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Born and raised in Arkansas City, She graduated from Arkansas City High School in 1971, and did not think twice about attending Arkansas City Junior College. “It seemed like a natural progression at the time,” Guinn said. “The school had a good music program.” At ACJC, she participated in band, jazz band, and was a member of a singing group called “The Tigerettes.” As a sophomore she was a candidate for Queen Alalah. She has come back for the past two Queen Alalah events, and has fond memories of being a Queen candidate. “It was such a special time,” Guinn said. “There is so much excitement surrounding the whole event, and the junior college plays such a big role in that.” Guinn married her first husband, Brent Trathen, during her sophomore year at ACJC. Following graduation from ACJC, the couple moved to Louisville, Ky., as Brent’s job at GE forced him to leave Arkansas City. The couple later moved to the San Francisco bay area from 1974 to 1977. While there, Guinn received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Hayward College in Hayward, CA. in 1977. The couple ended up moving to Seattle, Wash., and Guinn has lived in the Washington area ever since.

She and her second husband, Bob Guinn, have been married for 18 years, and have lived in Kirkland, Wash. for the past 14 years. Once moving to Seattle, Guinn began working as a sales assistant and account executive at an ABC affiliate in Tacoma. She worked there for eight years, and then went to work for King Broadcasting in 1986. King Broadcasting, which is owned by the Belo Corporation, has NBC affiliates in Seattle, Portland, and Boise. They also have a CBS affiliate in Spokane. Guinn has worked for King Broadcasting for more than 20 years, and has flourished during her time with the company. “I really enjoy station work, there is such a variety in clients,” Guinn said. “I get to have a variety in my job without having to change jobs. In this business you have to continue to change and adapt.”

She first served as Director of Sales and Marketing for Northwest Cable News from 1995 to 1998, then became Local Sales Manager for King Broadcasting’s Channel 5, which is an NBC affiliate, from 1998-2000. She has held the title of Executive Director of Belo Marketing Solutions since 2000, and had the title of Director of Sales and Marketing for Northwest Cable News added again in the summer of 2004. “I like helping solve people’s marketing problems, and learning new products,” Guinn said. In her free time, Guinn enjoys spending time with her 14-year old daughter, Morgan. She also enjoys traveling. Her mother, Hazel Christy, and stepfather, Ralph Christy, still reside in Arkansas City. She credits her success to her upbringing in Arkansas City. “I had a strong foundation that was built early on,” Guinn said. “I learned traits of responsibility and hard work from the genuine people in the Midwest.” Once the foundation was laid, Guinn did the rest.


Spring 2006