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Summer 2006



Aviation Tech Center Graduates

A total of 23 students represented the second graduating class from Cowley College’s Aviation Tech Center in Wichita, at a graduation ceremony held April 8 at the training facility. The ceremonies were for graduates of the center’s A&P (Airframe and Power Plant) program.

Noel Gary, Director of Aviation Programs, gave the opening remarks. Sheree Utash, Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs at Cowley College, gave the commencement address. “Cowley College is so proud of the hard work and dedication of these graduates from the Aviation Technology program,” Utash said. “They have made many sacrifices as they have been engaged in their educational journey and we wish them best wishes and great success in their future endeavors.” Cowley College President Dr. Pat McAtee gave the closing remarks. Students who graduate from the AMT program are guaranteed a job interview from Wichita’s Cessna Aircraft Company.

Here is a list of the members of the Class of April 2006: Cornelius A. Adkins; Qaies R. AlAmood; Horacio A. Alvarez; Kelly M. Brown, Jr.; Richard G. Coleman; Jose L. Contreras; John W. Davies; Gary R. Duke, Jr.; Jason C. Fears; Chanh T. Huynh; Dirk C. Kannady; Tu T. Lam; James O. Lipinski; Marvin C. Osborn; Ashley M. Pepper; James R. Riley III; Evan G. Schneider; Michael R. Schweppe; Patrick F. Trantum; Craig T. Voigt; Casey J. Weir; Chris T. Wert; Joseph D. Zoglman.


Summer 2006