A&F Newsletter

Winter 2006


We Heard From...

Abriel (Lette) Wuellner, Class of 2000, lives in Tonganoxie, KS. She and her husband, Kipp Wuellner, have a daughter, Madelyn Ruth born August 27. She is employed as an administrative assistant and Kipp serves as a youth pastor.

Regina (Mills) Whitson, Class of 2001, lives in Lakin, KS. She and her husband, Kenne, got engaged at Cowley. Kenne is a minister for the Church of Christ in Lakin, as well as head of volunteers for Hospice in Garden City. Regina is a stay at home mother to her two children, Chase 4, and Rebekah eight months. She also volunteers for her community and church.

Janet (Wheeler) Knox, Class of 2000, lives in Kansas City, Mo. She is married to James Knox. She is employed as an RN/BSN at St. Lukes North Hospital in Kansas City.

Danielle (Banister) Hollingsworth, attended classes at Cowley in the 1990’s, and lives in Wichita. After Cowley, she graduated from the University of Kansas in 1995, and received her Masters degree from Oklahoma State University in 1997. She is the Director of Graduate School Recruitment for Koch Industries. Her husband, Todd, is employed as a loan officer. The couple has two children, Amanda 4, and Lukas 1.

Kathy (Carpenter) Wirtz, attended classes at Cowley in 1991 and 1992, and lives in Arkansas City. She is married to Doyle Wirtz, who works at the Super Wal Mart in Arkansas City.

Robert Fry, Class of 1951, lives in Arkansas City. He was a member of the 1948-49 and 1949-50 ACJC championship tennis teams. He went on to spend 35 years working in the engineering department at Boeing Wichita and Boeing Seattle. He is currently retired.

Naomi (Clark) Goforth, Class of 1951, lives in Salem, Oregon. She and her husband Charles (deceased) were both teachers. She taught preschool/primary deaf children at Oregon School for the Deaf prior to retiring in 1989. The couple have four children and seven grandchildren, and have traveled to many third world countries.

Victor Milam, Class of 1951, and his wife, Louene, live in Del Rio, Texas. He graduated from flight school in 1953 and retired as a colonel after spending 24 years in the United States Air Force. He enjoys woodworking.

Dwane Johnson, Class of 1951, and his wife Geraldine (Bartlett, Class of 1953), live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He retired in 2005 after spending 48 years practicing family dentistry. The couple has three children and eight grandchildren, and enjoy walking, gardening and reading.

Barbara (Ramsey) Newton, Class of 1951, and her husband, Albert (Class of 1951), live in Hutchinson, KS. Barbara spent 24 years as an elementary school teacher, while Albert served as the superintendent of schools at Conway Springs until 1985. She and Albert are retired and enjoy traveling as they have visited all 50 states. The couple has three sons and seven grandchildren.

John Ogren, Class of 1951, and his wife, Santita, live in Tulsa, Okla. He recently retired after spending 26 years as Purchasing Agent for the City of Tulsa. The couple enjoy spending time with their nine grandsons.

Jack Stark, Class of 1951, and his wife (Gail, Class of 1956), live in Moose, Wyoming. He is currently retired. He recalls having dedicated teachers at what was then known as Basement U. His father, Dan, was the basketball coach at Cowley from 1923-43 and 1945-46, and was a chemistry instructor at the school.

Caroline (Hinsey) Applegate, Class of 1951, lives in Griffin, Ga. She is retired and currently serves as the librarian and small group coordinator at the Fayette Presbyterian Church. She enjoys weaving, knitting and embroidering.

Donna Jean (Waltrip) Louderback, Class of 1954, lives in Arkansas City. She married her husband J.C. Louderback (Class of 1954) during her sophomore year at Cowley. She then went to work for the Ark City Motor Company. She then stayed busy raising three children, Jay, Brad, and Jan. She enjoys spending time with family, and also playing tennis and bridge. She also loves to cook, and travel to watch her grandchildren take part in athletic events.

Don Shanks, Class of 1956, and his wife, Peggy, live in Arkansas City. He went on to graduate from the Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia and was hired as a personnel engineer at Boeing Wichita. He worked at Boeing for 12 years before going into the Insurance Business in 1971. He was President of Allied Agency, Inc. in Arkansas City until merging with United Agency, Inc. in 1986. He stayed with United Agency until retiring in May 2002.

Marlene (Christensen) Absher, Class of 1958, lives in Newkirk, Okla. After Cowley she attended the University of Vermont College of Medicine and is now a retired professor. She is currently doing volunteer work at the Newkirk Library and building a house on her grandfather’s farm that he claimed in the 1893 Cherokee Strip Run. Her husband, Richard, is also a retired professor. The couple have two children, Cynthia 45, and Christopher 42.

Lucille (Miller) Fleming, Class of 1942, lives in Adelphi, Maryland. After Cowley, she obtained a bachelors degree in Home Economics Department of Family Relations and Child Development from Oklahoma State University in 1944. She obtained a Masters degree in the same area in 1951. She went on to become a first grade teacher in the Prince George’s County in Maryland until her retirement in 1994. Her husband, Joe (deceased), was the production manager for the Wall Street Journal in White Oak, Md. The couple have a daughter and three sons.

Marjorie (Hadley) Benjamin, Class of 1939, lives in Wichita. After Cowley, she married her high school sweetheart, David Benjamin (deceased), who also graduated from Cowley in 1939. The couple have three children, John 62, Tom 57, and Jean 54.