A&F Newsletter

Winter 2006


Celebration held to honor those involved with “Les Miserables”


With Cowley College’s production of “Les Miserables, School Edition”, Oct. 19-22 being such a success, the college’s administration honored those involved with a celebration in the Earle N. Wright Community Room on November 16.


“We are so very proud of you and the hard work you put into the show,” Cowley President Dr. Patrick J. McAtee said. “It was one of the best I have ever seen and was perfection in every way.”

McAtee recognized the cast, crew and directors of the show at the celebration.

Each member of the cast and crew received a gift from Dr. McAtee, while the directors received a beautifully framed portrait of the cast and crew. portrait

The show was performed by Cowley students and conducted by Cowley College director of vocal music Connie Donatelli. Cowley College director of theatre and theatrical services Scott MacLaughlin directed the show, while Cowley’s Jamison Rhoads served as the technical director.

Jennifer Blatchford handled the choreography of the show, and Brittany Richerson served as the stage manager.

“It was such a collaborative effort,” MacLaughlin said. “Each person’s commitment is what made this such a success. I am so grateful to our administration for supporting us and allowing us to take risks and do this. This is a testament as to what a group of people can accomplish when they have the same vision and work together.”

Donatelli echoed those sentiments. “I was so proud and lucky to be a part of the show,” Donatelli said. “This will be with us forever. We could not do it without such great people.”


The rave reviews keep on coming as Cowley College’s performance of “Les Miserables, School Edition” sold over 2,000 tickets for the four shows at the Robert Brown Theatre.

“I would like to commend the people that worked so hard on “Les Miserables”,” Cowley College Board member Donna Avery said. “It was a wonderful, professional production.”


The musical takes place in early to mid-19th century France and is based on the novel by Victor Hugo. The musical is operatic in style where everything is sung.

“The show had the finest vocals, acting, directing, stage design of any show ever seen at Cowley,” Cowley College creative director Denise Irwin said.

Winfield Daily Courier Lifestyles Editor Judith Zaccaria claimed Cowley’s performance of Les Miserables was not to be missed.

“Les Miserables,” hits you in the solar plexus and never lets up,” Zaccaria said. “It is a powerful story of injustice redeemed by mercy, hate undone by love. This show enables director Scott McLaughlin, music director Connie Donatelli and technical director Jamison Rhoads to show off the wonders of the Brown Theatre to great effect.”