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Fall 2007


Cowley adjunct instructor has second book published

Everhart bookFollowing on the heels of his first book “Oceans of Kansas”, Cowley College adjunct instructor Mike Everhart recently had his second book published, titled “Sea Monsters”.

“Through this book, my first book (Oceans of Kansas) and my web site (www.oceansofkansas.com), I am sharing my interest in these amazing animals and their times, and hopefully educating the public in regard to this fascinating period millions of years ago when Kansas was under a great inland sea,” Everhart said.
The book details a time when marine reptiles dominated the oceans for millions of years. Their remains are found all over the world, from the Arctic (Alaska, Greenland, Norway) to the Antarctic.

The book also tales about the historical discoveries of these creatures in Kansas, starting in 1867 when Elasmosaurus was found  near Fort Wallace in western Kansas. The book is intimately connected to the upcoming National Geographic IMAX movie by the same name.

The movie recreates some historic fossil digs by the Sternberg family, and shows a lot of beautiful Kansas scenery on the large IMAX screen.

The movie will open in more than 70 theaters around the world on October 2.

“I'm excited about the Sea Monsters movie and pleased that I had the opportunity to serve as a technical adviser and to write the book,” Everhart said. “I would certainly encourage everyone to go see it and learn about Kansas history in deep time.”

The book “Sea Monsters” is offered on Amazon.com, the publisher's web site (National Geographic), and on Borders.

Fall 2007