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Fall 2007


Arnold named 2007 Conrad and Janet Jimison Tiger Booster of the Year


A regular fixture at Cowley College athletic events and actively involved in the adopt-a-player program, Frank Arnold, Cowley College Social Science Department instructor, was named the 2007 Conrad and Janet Jimison Tiger Booster of the Year.

“Frank has been a major contributor to our athletic program for student athletes since he has been employed here as a member of the faculty,” Cowley College athletic director Tom Saia said. “The reason we have one of the top athletic programs in the country is because of people like Frank Arnold and our Booster Club.”

Arnold, who serves as the associate coordinator for Cowley’s adopt-a-player program, was surprised to receive the honor, which is in its 12th year of existence.

“I am tickled to death,” Arnold said. “I am honored to be included in such a good group of fellow winners of the award.”

Arnold is in his eighth year teaching history and government classes at Cowley. He became involved in Cowley athletics through the adopt-a-player program.

“The students appreciate people going to their games and they get to see me in a different light,” Arnold said.

Although there were several worthy candidates for the award, Saia felt Arnold was the obvious choice.
“I can’t think of a better recipient than Frank Arnold,” Saia said. “He instructs and guides student athletes academically, athletically, and socially.”

This represents the 38th year for the Tiger Booster Club, an organization that has raised funds for the purpose of helping sustain the athletic scholarship program under the rules of the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference.

The Tiger Booster Club has continued to grow in each of Saia’s 12 years at the school.

“We are successful in athletics because of the Tiger Booster Club,” Saia said.

Arnold, who also serves as the mayor of Newkirk (Okla.), thoroughly enjoys being at Cowley.

“Cowley is a great place to work,” Arnold said.

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Fall 2007