A&F Newsletter

Spring 2007


Aviation Tech Center celebrates 4th graduation

Aviation Tech Center celebrates 4th graduationWith the number of students attending Cowley College’s Aviation Tech Center in Wichita continuing to increase, 15 students took part in the graduation ceremony held Dec. 9 at the training facility.

The program opened with around 40 students in 2004 and has grown to have more than 160 students. The 15 graduates represent the fourth graduating class from Cowley’s Aviation Tech Center.

“They have my admiration, many have worked and gone to school full time,” Cowley College Director of Aviation Programs Noel Gary said. “The is a culmination of their efforts.”

The ceremonies were for graduates of the center’s A&P (Airframe and Power Plant) program. In order to gradate from the program students had to comply with the FAA 147 school requirements and have 2,200 contact hours.

Felix Lococo, Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standard District Office Manager, gave the commencement address. Lococo spoke of living a life of integrity and excellence.

“You have had one of the best educations you can have, so go be one of the best Aviation Maintenance Technicians you can be and leave your own foot prints on the sands of time,” Lococo said.

Tim Norton, Sedgwick County Commissioner, Second District, and Pete Gustof, executive director of KTTI, also spoke to the graduates and talked about the proposed Aviation Tech Center, which will be built at Jabara Airport in Wichita.

“We want to congratulate all of you, you are a big part of what we hope to accomplish in the future,” Gustof said. “Aviation had its biggest year ever and next year will be even bigger.”

The majority of the graduates will be working at local aviation manufacturers. The Aviation Tech Center trains professionals in aircraft maintenance for the aviation and other industries.

Pam Doyle, Cowley College Dean of Student Learning, provided the graduates with their certificates during the certificate ceremony. Sheree Utash, Cowley College Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs, gave the closing remarks.

“I want to thank each of you for choosing Cowley College to achieve your education goals and achieve your dreams,” Utash said. “I want to wish you the best in whatever journey your life takes you on.”