A&F Newsletter

Summer 2007


Kansas Board of Regents approves new degree and certificate programs

Cowley College received some good news on April 18 as the Kansas Board of Regents approved new degree and certificate programs for Mechatronics and Interior Design.

Both new programs will begin this fall.

Bruce Crouse, Cowley College chair of the Career and Technical Education Department, and Sandy Randel, coordinator for the Career and Technical Education Department, put in a great deal of work to make the Mechatronics program a reality.

Bev Grunder, chair of the Business, Computer and Information Technology Department, along with Bridget Mack (developer of the Interior Design program) deserve a lot of credit for the Interior Design program.

Additionally, the program revisions for Office Technology were approved, so Cowley now has a certificate in Medical Coding, Medical Transcription, Legal Office Assistant and Administrative Office Management.
All of the coursework in the new Office Technology certificate programs will be delivered online.

JoLynne Stalnaker and Rae Dale, instructors in Cowley’s Business, Computer and Information Technology Department teamed with Grunder and Slade Griffiths, chair of the Allied Health Department, to make the revisions, which will better serve the needs of area high school students interested in getting into the health profession.

Sheree Utash, Cowley College vice president of academic and student affairs, was proud of the work done to make these programs and revisions a reality.

“I am so pleased and proud of our faculty and staff that have been involved in working to create these new and revised degree programs and certificates that will provide students additional opportunities for educational achievement,” Utash said. “Their completion of these degrees/certificates should lead them to productive high demand and high skilled jobs. These new programs and revisions are a great example of the vision, dedication and work ethic that makes our vocational technical faculty such a valuable asset to our institution and our academic endeavors.”