A&F Newsletter

Summer 2007


Cowley honors north campuses students

Cowley honors north campuses students Taking time to recognize the accomplishments of its students at its North Campuses, Cowley College held its annual Honors and Awards Ceremony April 19 at its Southside Education Center’s Seminar Room in Wichita.

Thomas Fredrick Miller, who took part in Cowley’s distance learning program while serving in Iraq, was honored at the banquet. Miller, who received his associates degree in May, presented LeArta Watkins, director of distance learning at Cowley, with the flag his troop flew while in Iraq.

Members of Cowley’s Phi Theta Kappa organization also presented Phi Theta Kappa sponsor Nancy Ayers with a special gift of recognition. While Wesley Wilson was named the North Campus Ambassador of the Year.

Award recipients:

  • Distance Learning Program — Thomas Fredrick Miller
  • Interpreter Training Program/STIT — Nora Galloway
  • Math and Science Club — Justin Flint
  • Phi Theta Kappa — Jennifer Holley, Melanie Pratt, Wesley Wilson
  • USA Academic Team — Shaye Waple
  • Traditional Outstanding Academic Student — Josh Gerlach
  • Non-traditional Outstanding Academic Student — Vi Nguyen
  • Spotlight Students —  Kristie Eberl, Shaye Waple, Paula Rhodes, Jesse Valdez, Wesley Wilson, Josh Gerlach, Krista Ramirez, Melanie Pratt, Katie Mahlandt.
  • Student Ambassadors — Amanda Auchterlonie, Courtney Poole, Krystel Darbyshire, Sherrie White, Wesley Wilson, Amber Swallow, Don Bui, Misti Unruh, Shymone Bandasack.
  • North Campus Ambassador of the Year — Wesley Wilson.
  • Honor graduates — Destiney Anderson, Eldon Angle, Kerri Baggett, Catrina Bickford, Christina Black, Hannah Christensen, Caleb DeGraaf, Kristie Eberl, Justin Flint, Kasey Gaskill, Kathi Hale-Petrosky, Kristin Keeling, Clare Kennedy, Alyssa Lang, Kevin Leis, Katie Mahlandt, Michael McCann, Thomas Miller, Muhammad Mirza, Stephanie Montiel, Mysti Noll, Sean Osban, Tara Parks, Heather Peters, Courtney Pool, Melanie Pratt, Elysia Schooler, David Smith, Amber Swallow, Karon Waters, Billie Webster, Wesley Wilson.