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Fall 2008

Central Avenue Dormitory becomes a reality

After nearly one year of construction, Cowley College’s new Central Avenue Dormitory is complete. dormStudents in the 104-bed dormitory began moving in prior to classes starting on Aug. 21.

The three-story building, located at 102 South Fifth Street, becomes the fifth dormitory on the Arkansas City campus. All five dorms are filled to capacity.

Conco Construction served as the general contractor for the new dorm. Winfield Plumbing and Heating were the mechanical contractors, Ziegler Electric in Wichita served as the electrical contractors, while David Herlocker of Gordon and Associates was the architect for the project.

“I think it went really smooth for a project with a short time line,” Cowley College Executive Vice President of Business Services Tony Crouch said. “We really challenged Conco on the time line and they got us there.”
Crouch praised the work of Conco Construction project manager Luke Kunkel, project superintendent Tom McDonough, and David Herlocker.

“Those three were instrumental in the process and the final product,” Crouch said. “I have worked with Tom and David before and they have never let us down.”

Cowley College maintenance and grounds crew workers stayed busy moving furniture into the dorm and also laying the sod around the building.

“They put in some really long days and deserve special applause for the work they did,” Crouch said.
The other dormitories on the Arkansas City campus are, the Oscar Kimmell dorm, Kirke W. Dale dorm, William R. Docking dorm, and the D. Robert Storbeck dorm.

“Every time we have built a dorm we have learned a little bit more about what the students need,” Crouch said. “Hopefully, this dorm is a culmination of the things we have learned over the years. Having it completed feels really good.”

Fall 2008