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Summer 2008


Griffiths named Cowley College's vice president of academic affairs

Slade GriffithsHaving spent the past 12 years as Cowley College’s director of EMS Education, Slade Griffiths will step into a new role at the college as he was recently named the school’s vice president of academic affairs.

Griffiths, who served as the Department Chair of Allied Health, began working at Cowley in 1996 after spending the previous eight years employed as a training officer at the Leavenworth County E.M.S.

Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee feels confident in having Griffiths assume his new role at the school.

“He understands us and our programs, both on and off campus,” McAtee said. “He’s genuine, intelligent, and the people trust and respect him. He’s also worked with the faculty and staff, so I have every reason to think he will do a good job.”

During Griffiths’ time as the Department Chair of the Allied Health Department, he has helped lead a 250 percent growth in the last three years, and added 40 classes and eight degrees.

He has also helped lead the expansion of the department’s online campus with the addition of 23 more online courses, and has developed a set of statewide lesson plans for emergency services. 

Griffiths will miss the people he has worked with for the past 12 years, but is looking forward to the opportunity to work closely with the college’s faculty and staff.

“It’s like I am moving from one house to another, it’s sad but happy,” Griffiths said. “I have worked with some great people in the Allied Health Department. With the new position I will have the opportunity to work with the faculty and staff to create a learning community.”

Summer 2008