A&F Newsletter

Spring 2009


Career and Technical Education Department receives new machines

Cowley College’s Career and Technical Education Department recently purchased a new pair of three axis, vertical machines for its students to learn on.

The equipment is used in Dan Squires’ Intro. to CNC Machining and Advanced CNC Programming courses, and are used to teach the students how to set up and run CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. Students can learn how to set tool lengths and determine where X, Y, and Z coordinates are on a part.

The college spent $115,000 to purchase the equipment.

“We are real pleased to have them in here,” Squires said. “I believe this is one of the largest single purchases the school has done for any program.”

Pike Construction set up the machines at the first of the year.

It is not until the students fourth semester in the program that they are allowed to use the CNC machines. Those fourth semester students that drew the lucky number were fortunate enough to work on the two new machines.

There are now six CNC machines in Cowley College’s Career and Technical Education Department.

Spring 2009