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Summer 2009


McKown receives two awards at conference

Charles McKownHaving shown tremendous leadership and dedication to his profession, Charles McKown, Cowley College vice president of Research and Technology, recently received a pair of awards at the annual South Central POISE Users Group Conference in Addison, Texas on April 7.

McKown was presented with a “Libby” Award and a Poise Users Group (PUG) Service Award.

The Poise Users Group Service Award goes to individuals who have shown tremendous leadership coupled with longevity of service to PUG. Loren Morris, director of Information Technology Services at Hutchinson Community College, who is the current president of PUG, presented the award to McKown.

“Charles McKown has dedicated his time and effort to the Poise Users Group (PUG) over the last 22 years,” Morris said. “Charles’ leadership was extremely valuable during the difficult times of transition when the POISE product changed ownership.”

McKown maintained the office of president for PUG at three different times, and has presented numerous sessions at user conferences. He continues his service today as a member of the PUG board and as the PUG treasurer.

“Quite frankly, the POISE product wouldn’t be what it is today without the influence of Charles McKown,” Morris said.

McKown thinks highly of the POISE product.

“I am convinced that POISE is the best administrative software out there,” McKown said. “The POISE product was developed in the late 1970’s, yet they have managed to keep it modern and tied into the web.”

The “Libby” Award, was named after Elizabeth “Libby” Annulis, former director of Information Technology at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. Annulis, who was the first person to receive the award, which was previously known as the South Central Poise Users Group Distinguished Service Award, passed away on March 15.

McKown is only the 11th recipient of the award in the past 31 years.

“When you are recognized by your peers it is always very special,” McKown said.

Randy Thomas and Tom Rudolph, co-owners of ESP (Educational Systems Products), which is the college’s support company based out of Tulsa, look at individuals that pushed POISE products on their campus and helped the product grow. They said there were several worthy candidates, but McKown stood out from the rest of the group.

“We are honored to recognize Charles, he has been an outstanding person to work with,” Thomas said.
When McKown was hired at Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City in June, 1992, the college had a total of 30 computers. The college now has close to 1,000 computers in use.

Summer 2009