A&F Newsletter

Summer 2009


Cowley enhances alumni web module

Shannon MasseyThe alumni web module at www.cowley.edu/alumni has been enhanced so Cowley College alumni and friends will have a special place to visit. With photos of majestic, caring, and ridiculous tigers, you will be entertained and informed.

Give Online is a new service to make it easier for you to “Give to your Passion.” Cowley College partnered with NelNet, one of the leading educational finance companies in the United States, to provide a secure way for you to make a donation to the college by credit card via the internet.

When you are looking for something to do that will expand your horizons or give you the giggles, check out the Cultural and Fun Events organized by Cowley College’s development and community relations group. See who received Awards of Recognition for their accomplishments in their careers, contributions to the college, and services to their communities. Nominate someone you know for next year’s awards.

Please contact Shannon Massey if you would like to see additional information on the alumni web module. Help us make the alumni web module “roar for you.”

Summer 2009