A&F Newsletter

Summer 2010


Vocal and instrumental ensembles share the stage at Cowley

Leaving the audience wanting more, the Cowley College Concert Band and Concert Choir gave rousing performances May 4 in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Vocal music director Connie Donatelli led the Concert Choir in “An Evening of Opera”. The Concert Choir performed “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves”, “Spirto Gentil”, “Barcarolle”, “The Best of All Possible Worlds”, “Che faro senza Euridice?”, “Brindisi”, “Dome Epais”, and “La donna e mobile”.

choir While, the Concert Band, under the direction of Josh Fleig, performed “La Peri Fanfare”, “Iberian Escapades”, “An Unending Legacy”, “Legends of the Yucatan”, and “Suite of Old American Dances”.


“I think the concert was successful on many levels,” Fleig said. “It is always so rewarding when both the vocal and instrumental ensembles share the same stage on the same evening. All of our students have worked very hard this semester and the performance really revealed that effort. I think the band sounded great, and was especially impressed with Connie’s selection of operatic music for the choir.”

During the Concert Choir’s performance, Cowley alumnus Lindsay Ramirez serving as a soprano soloist, and Douglass High School director of vocal music, Brian Stranghoner, serving as tenor soloist.

Cowley students Mitchell Wright and Bryce Sund also served as tenor soloists, and Jessica Latham shined as a Mezzo Soprano Soloist in “Che faro senza Euridice?”

Members of the Concert Choir were, Edna Anderson, Carly Brock, Aaron Brooks, Connie Bucher, Erin Burroughs, Jessica Coldwell, Brooke Cullum, Cory Dalton, Amy Dunlap, Peter Fairchild, Jake Fletcher, Shaelynn French, Jake Fulsom, Clinton Haas, Anne Harmon, Ashlee Henning, Nicole Hoerschgen, Mitch Hoover, Robert Hutson, James Kaiser, Jessica Latham, Joey Lawson, Clay Lupfer, Amber Mason, Gabi McHaffie, Whitnie Means, Cameron Nuss, Taylor Oliver, Kelsy Patterson, Dange Sanders, Josh Scheuermann, Jessica Small, Jade Sparks, Kalon Steinaway, Bryce Sund, Ian Sutton, Lindsey Thomas, Brooke Tobble, Sung Chan Walker, Andrea Workman, Tim Wilson, and Mitchell Wright.

Members of the Concert Band were, Brittany Engle, Ashley Arseneault, Janessa Gould, Ashley Andes, Daniel Byers, Christa Meeker, Katie Grimm, Caleb Johnston, Robert Hutson, Lucas Smith, Josh Arseneault, Bonnie Thieme, Jessie Shore, Nick Gutierrez, Michael Talbott, Kariann Jordan, Cory Dalton, Jake Fletcher, Brieanna Baxter, Mitchell Wright, Kara Slovak, Jeremiah Johnson, Chad Buttram, Chelsea Befort, Josh Reed, and Taryn Miller.

Summer 2010