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Summer 2010


Enrollment continues to climb as school sees record number of student applications

Receiving over 1,000 more student applications from the previous year, Cowley College has seen a dramatic increase in students enrolled at the school from this same time last year.

During the month of April, Cowley College posted a record number of applications in one month as more than 700 students applied at the school.

The fall enrollment report indicates as of May 25, full-time equivalency was 1,443, which is up from 1,030 at this time last year. Enrollment at the college’s main campus in Arkansas City is up 101 FTE (765-664) from this time last year, while the school has seen an increase of 117 FTE (239-122) at its Mulvane Center.

The largest increase in enrollment is reflected in the online classes, with 183 more FTE enrolled (364-181) compared to this time last year.

Ben Schears, Executive Director of Enrollment and Outreach Centers at Cowley College, believes the increase in enrollment is a culmination of a number of things that have happened over the last couple of years.

“One, with the economic turmoil people are paying more attention to their pocketbook,” Schears said. “And two, I think nationwide a lot more has been done to promote community college’s as a higher education option. Even what the college does in terms of marketing has made the school more visible than it has been in a long time.”

Schears also mentioned that transferring from a community college to a four-year university has been made easier over the past several years due to what he feels is a recognition by universities that community college students often come out better prepared than many students who began at the university.

“We have been fortunate to have been provided data over the years by some of the regent schools showing the students we transfer on do better than the average student who began at the university,” Schears said. “For me it’s validation that we do a super job in academically preparing our students to move on to the next level.”

Along with the school’s main campus in Arkansas City, its Allied Health Center in Winfield, and its two centers in Mulvane, Cowley’s Eastside and Westside student services centers in Wichita continue to see a spike in the number of potential students they visit with.

“Both of those centers are easy to access and in really good locations,” Schears said.

The Eastside Center is located at 4900 E. Pawnee, Suite 106, and the Westside Center can be found at 8821 West 21st Street, Suite 400.

Student tours of the main campus increased by a whopping 46 percent. If a potential student will come for a tour of the school’s main campus in Arkansas City, Schears believes there is a good chance that individual will become a student at Cowley.

“We are excited about the positive momentum we have, but we have got to capitalize on it,” Schears said. “We want to keep the main campus strong and keep enrollment up across the board.”

Schears said he and his admissions team have attended college fairs across the state and have made contact with potential students wherever possible.

“We would not be where we are without the folks at the outreach centers and our admissions representatives,” Schears said. “I have an outstanding team.”

Cowley recently selected Enrollment Rx, LLC as the Enrollment Management CRM solution for the school’s Department of Admissions. Enrollment Rx augments Cowley College’s legacy Student Information System (SIS) with a powerful product that can manage the full life-cycle of prospective students, and empowers the school to accurately track, control, and report upon their entire Enrollment pool.

“We will be able to more effectively manage relationships and build relationships on a personal level with the students,” Schears said. “I think this will make a positive impact.”

Those interested in enrolling for classes at Cowley College should contact the school’s Admissions Department at 620-441-5303.

Summer 2010