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Summer 2010


Mass Communications program to begin in the fall of 2010

Looking for additional ways to help graduates of Cowley College easily transfer to a four-year university, the Humanities Department recently announced plans for a Mass Communications program, which will be implemented in the fall of 2010.

Courses previously listed under Journalism and Communications at Cowley College will now be listed under Mass Communications. Although, Speech and Interpersonal Communications courses will still be listed under the Communications program.

Meg Smith, director of journalism, and Adam Borth, director of communications, came up with the idea of starting a Mass Communications program after attending separate conferences with similar viewpoints on the subject.

“Adam and I discussed what universities are looking for in the skill sets of transfer students,” Smith said. “We discussed what we needed to do for our students to help prepare them to transfer to a university. We started doing some research and thought a Mass Communications program would be the answer.”

Smith said she believes this will be a positive change for students looking to enter the fields of broadcasting, public relations, journalism, marketing and/or advertising.

“This should be very beneficial for the students,” Smith said. “With this they should have everything they need when transferring to a university.”

For example, instead of only doing writing if a student is a journalism major, they will now also take photography courses as well as other courses related to Mass Communications.

“They can still focus on a specific area, but now they also have to cross over into other areas,” Smith said.
Courses offered in the Mass Communications program will be: Mass Media and Society; Introduction to Broadcasting; News Reporting; Violence in Media – Journalism; Digital Photography; Newspaper Production I-IV; Introduction to Broadcasting; Communications Practicum I-III.

The Mass Communications program will not only benefit students, but also help parents feel better about their child’s choice in a major.

“So many parents believe journalism is a dying field, but with Mass Communications the parents feel more comfortable with their student selecting a program that offers so many choices,” Smith said.

Smith said two more courses are in the planning stages for the fall of 2011. To enroll for courses at Cowley College please call 620-441-5594 or visit our web site at www.cowley.edu

Summer 2010