A&F Newsletter

Summer 2011


Deferred maintenance program at Cowley College continues - reduce tax liability

If you pay taxes in the state of Kansas, we have a wonderful opportunity for you to contribute to critical building repairs, while taking advantage of a limited time tax credit.

The Higher Education Deferred Maintenance Tax Credit Program went into effect in 2008 and will continue through 2012. Through generous gifts in previous years, the college has been able to make roof repairs to the Brown Center and provide furniture to the recently remodeled physics lab.

With state funding shrinking, there has never been a better time to help with repairs and improvements to our campus, while at the same time taking advantage of state and federal tax incentives. Upcoming projects include:

  • Overhaul to deteriorating parking lots (estimated cost: $175,000 - $250,000)
  • Air conditioning for W.S. Scott Auditorium (estimated cost: $220,000)

We are very excited this year to be able to accept a limit of contributions up to $347,055.55. Since the program has a limited number of tax credits available, they will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to give to this program, donors must also e-file their tax forms.

Contact Ben Schears at (620) 441-5245 or Shannon Massey at (620) 441-5319 for questions or to make a donation!

Summer 2011