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Summer 2011


Long time Cowley instructor leaves $25,000 for endowed scholarship

Mary WilsonHaving spent 33 years as an instructor at Cowley College, Mary Wilson had a passion for teaching and a love for the school. Wilson, who passed away on March 21 at the age of 88, left the college $25,000 from her estate to endow a scholarship for business majors.

“Mary’s gift is a testament to her love of the college and the students,” Cowley College vice president for institutional advancement, Ben Schears said. “Not only did she spend the vast majority of her career at Cowley, but she cared enough to leave behind a legacy that will impact students for years to come.”

Peg Williams, who has spent 30 years working at Cowley College, was a student in Wilson’s secretarial classes while attending Cowley in the 1960’s. Later, Williams and Wilson taught together at the school.

Williams said Wilson was a dedicated teacher that wanted to see her students achieve success in the classroom.

“She expected you to do your work and did expect you to do it correctly,” Williams said.

Richard Tredway, who began his career at Cowley College in 1967 as a technical agriculture instructor and retired in 1996 as the school’s Business and Service Technology Division Chairman, spent several years working with Wilson.

“Mary had high standards for her students and conducted herself in a professional manner as she wanted to do the best job possible,” Tredway said.

Along with teaching classes at Cowley, Wilson was responsible with helping train students to go into the work force. She also served as sponsor of the school’s Phi Beta Lamba organization for many years.

Summer 2011