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Summer 2011


Cowley helps Pediatrics Symposium reach individuals throughout the state

Pediatrics Symposium

Thanks to the knowledge of some hard working Cowley College employees, the Pediatrics Symposium held March 3-4 in the college’s Earle N. Wright Community Room, was filmed and sent out as a video teleconference feed to 38 sites around the state of Kansas.

The symposium, which was sponsored by the KDHE (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) and the EMSC (Emergency Medical Services for Children), brought in national and regional speakers to conduct four, four-hour blocks of information. There were speakers from Kansas, New Jersey, and Iowa.

“It is always great when you can get the best, up to date information, and improve child care,” Cowley College Director of EMS/Allied Health Department Chair, Chris Cannon said.

More than 20 individuals attended the sessions on Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City, while the video teleconference was able to reach between 300-500 individuals at hospitals, schools, and libraries across the state.

After conducting three separate pediatric symposiums to over 300 people last year, Sarah House, EMSC program manager, was glad Cowley could help them reach the same number of individuals through a two-day symposium, housed at one location.

“We wanted to deliver high quality pediatric specific information to as many providers around the state as possible,” House said. “Things went really well and the feedback we have gotten across the state has been very positive. The staff here at Cowley has been exceptional and we look forward to being back at Cowley in 2012 as well.”

Bryan McChesney, ITV coordinator/technology specialist at Cowley College, as well as Adam Borth, director of communications/sponsor of the Media Club, helped things run smoothly with the video teleconference.

Clay Cox, program development manager at Life Team, was impressed by the work done by McChesney and Borth.

“Nobody in the state of Kansas has been able to accomplish what we have done over the last two days in being able to send the feed out to that many sites.”

Summer 2011