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Winter 2011


Ben Since my arrival in the alumni and endowment office in April of this year, I have had no greater joy than spending time talking with alumni from all across this country. Time and again, the stories I hear about your experiences remind me how deep our love for this college runs and gives me hope for greater things yet to come.

From our more seasoned alumni, I have enjoyed an untold number of stories about teachers who had profound influence on the direction of their lives, stories about growing up in Ark City during the Great Depression and walking around barefoot selling milk and butter to afford shoes, and memories of classes and classmates from ‘Basement U’ - back when our now sprawling campus was just one building. From some of our more recently graduated alumni, I have had a chance to catch a glimpse of where life has taken you and hear about where you hope it will lead next.

From some of our donors there have been both heartwarming and heart wrenching stories about why they established scholarships in honor of loved ones. From others, stories reflecting how valuable they feel the college is to our community and region. I treasure these, not simply because it is part of what I do at the college, but because it is critical for us to know where we have been if we expect to know where we are going.

As this year draws to a close and we sit on the cusp of our 90th anniversary, I reflect on the accomplishments this year will hold in the history of the college. It has been a year filled with change including the addition of the successful campaign to add the Travis Hafner Training Center to our top-notch facilities, the new Scholarship Reception (honoring students receiving endowed scholarships and the donors who provide them), and the creation of the 1922 Heritage Society recognizing individuals who plan to leave the college in their estate plan.

Looking forward, I am excited to see what this new year will hold. There is no doubt it will be full of new ideas, new opportunities, and new people whose lives the Endowment Association will have the opportunity to impact. I would ask, as you consider your annual giving, to consider becoming a member of the Endowment Association. For an annual gift of just $150, your membership will impact the lives of students across the college in a real and tangible way. If you have thought about becoming involved in our efforts to support the students and programs at Cowley, there is no better time to touch lives than now.

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Winter 2011